Lacuna Coil – Comalies Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman

Lacuna Coil quickly returns with the follow-up to their highly successful 2001 release, Unleashed Memories. A band that has truly established themselves through pure elegance and grace, Lacuna Coil work the ladder of maturity once again with Comalies. A band that is often compared to arch nemesis The Gathering has reversed roles and the case seems to be the once-student has now become the teacher. In essence such comparisons were wrong from the get go but do to easy assumptions and lack of insight Lacuna Coil has always been lumped into the same sentence as The Gathering and vise-versa. In the year 2002 it is indeed time to drop these comparisons and realize that each band is an entity of their own creation. Brandishing completely different music with the only similarity being both bands are fronted by very capable women.

From the start Lacuna Coil’s music has never dropped my jaw but has always and I stress always been worthy of owning. I find their music which transforms from metal to gothic to the passages of extreme beauty and basically everything in between to remain as smooth as silk on every occasion. A welcomed sound whenever I grab one of their discs I immediately get lost in the beauty that just seems to flow in such a natural unforced median. With the restraints of single labels mocking many bands, Lacuna Coil has managed to elude a deadest label and freely roams in and out of genres, which has enabled them to create the music they want without being pigeonholed to a certain standard of stifle. Within Comalies the formula has matured to some extent but the element of Lacuna Coil that sets the tone has remained the same. Cristina Scabbia is without a doubt the sheer driving force behind Lacuna Coil, her voice reveals life’s pain through untainted articulacy. Andrea Ferro complements her passion with earthly vocals that move in and out of the sonic splendor with poise that fits and ultimately does not take away from Scabbia’s spotlight. The backbone of music within Comalies still remains solid but it’s obvious the writing revolves around Scabbia’s voice all the while allowing her voice to shine through blindingly. Let’s face it the reason for Lacuna Coil’s overall success comes down to Scabbia’s voice and I’m sure her beauty may have something to do with it as well. I know I watched in awe when I witnessed them live, the whole time focused on Scabbia as she performed. Bottom line: Comalies proves that Lacuna Coil has found their sound and can monopolize within its calculated grandeur. It takes zero effort to listen to Comalies all the way through and then do it again. Within each listen I found this contagious album reaching deep into my psyche quickly signifying its stronghold of exquisiteness. I truly need albums of this character set in my disc rotations to round out the severity of death and mayhem which also infects me to the core.

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