Nux Vomica – Reeling Breakout or Breakup?

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Oregon’s Nux Vomica has made sporadic (and violent) waves since morphing from Wake Up On Fire. Ostensibly a crust-caked collective, the band rattled conventions with 2007’s A Civilized World, a bottom-heavy crossover beast hurled from an alternate universe where Tompa wrote Slaughter of the Soul with Skitsystem instead of ATG. It was a rabid volley, boasting the rare, almost-off-the-rails intensity of a band that was playing to their skyward potential, if not their current ability. A handful of splits led to 2009’s sprawling Asleep in the Ashes, but since then, the band has been largely quiet.

Until now.

When an upstart act takes a significant hiatus after going through a marked maturation process on their sophomore LP, it’s natural to fear the rags have been scrubbed clean by evolution. But new single “Reeling” shows that they’ve spent the last few years seething. There’s a slow-boiling tension tugging at this track’s seams, pulsing through a full twelve minutes as it sinew-slides from sobering anthem to post-doom sprawl, finally concluding with a climactic re-clench.

Cruelly, that tension may have flared too wildly. The metal world has never been more welcoming towards crust-laden devastation, and this upcoming self-titled album (comprised of three tracks) could cause some serious quakes. But the band might not live to thrive in the aftermath. Earlier today, drummer Zack posted this message on Facebook regarding their one-album deal with Relapse:

…the whole process that we went through to sign the contract caused us so much infighting and boiled so much bad blood that irreparable damage has been done to Nux Vomica and it has torn the band apart. The dust is settling but the tension is still uncomfortable and it remains to be seen what direction we will go in next as a band.

Whether it triggers their breakup or primes them for breakout, Nux Vomica will street on April 1st in North America.

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