Ambassador Gun – Tomb Of Broken Sleep Review

Ambassador Gun plays the kind of grindcore that opens shows for larger grindcore bands. Much like the time Sick/Tired opened for Nasum in Chicago, by the time Brutal Truth (the co-headliner) had played for what felt like nearly an eternity (including some kind of “encore,” even though I’m fairly certain I told them my back hurt), one was left longing for the truncated, get in, fuck shit up, get out sense of urgency that the opener showed.

That’s almost the sensation that Tomb of Broken Sleep provides, but it’s not quite all killer, no filler. What’s killer is the oddly appealing combination of grind and stoner groove with nothing to bridge the gap. Several times in the twenty-four minute run time a tune will just drop a blast or d-beat in favor of a distorted bass line and four-count drum wallop you can set your watch to.

What’s not killer is the lack of riffs. This is two bass players and a drummer, and that tends to wear a bit thin in the stretch, though there are definitely (maybe?) guitars (or very guitar-sounding bass notes, I guess?) later in the runnings. “Mighty Steed” and “County Fair Massacre” break up the fuzzfest with some high pitch, high energy goodness, but a fair bit of this gets to be a bit indistinguishable by the conclusion of the affair.

Overall, this isn’t the most amazing thing floating around out there grind-wise, but the run time is perfect for a band like this, as its about the limit one can handle of a release as narrow and specific as Tomb of Broken Sleep. Major points awarded for not overstaying their sonic welcome– just don’t go looking for these guys to change the way you think about music.

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