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September 2016

posted on 9/2016   By: Jeremy Morse

It’s September, friends, which serves as the two-minute warning for good weather. All too soon it’ll be time to get your boat out of the water, put your summer clothes in the attic, put your motorcycle in the garage, and prepare to slog through life in the miserable cold darkness for at least six months. Unless, of course, you’re one of those lucky assholes that lives somewhere with a decent climate, then I guess your party never ends, but for the rest of us it’s time to seize the day, smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, and kick out the jams, motherfuckers.

With that spirit of desperation in mind, what is our most played album this month? Why it’s For This We Fought the Battle of Ages, by the not easily classifiable Subrosa, or as my pal Andrew Edmunds would likely say, Subrozzzzzzza. Although, that dude’s apparently on the god-damned prog-rock 24/7, so maybe he wouldn’t say that. I’m sure Subrosa is great for some folks, and to find out if you might be one of those folks, check out Chris Sessions’ review of For This… right here, and/or listen to the sample track below.

Personally, I don’t have the patience for Subrosa’s rather lethargic tunes, certainly not at this time of year, anyway. Oh Hell, let’s be honest: Subrosa isn’t for me anytime of the year; I need riffs. Let’s see if second place can put a little fire in our bellies. Oh, for fuck’s sake, it’s a tie between Marillion’s Brave and New Model Army’s Winter. Friggin’ prog-rock, or an album called Winter: I feel like I’m being trolled. Since neither of these albums is metal, we’re going to get some of the fire I’ve been looking for from D666 instead. “Live and Burn”, and don’t forget to share your playlists in the comments.

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Dave Pirtle

Gardenian - Soulburner
Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet
Knives Out! - Left in the Lurch
Running Wild - Rapid Foray
16 - Lifespan of a Moth
Eat the Turnbuckle - The Great American Bash Your Head In

Andrew Edmunds

Marillion - Brave
Marillion - Fugazi
Marillion - Afraid Of Sunlight
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
Marillion - Marbles
Marillion - Script From A Jester's Tear

Michael Wuensch

DarkthroneCircle the Wagons
Eternal ChampionThe Armor of Ire
SubRosaFor This We Fought the Battle of Ages
Lord VicarGates of Flesh
New Model ArmyWinter

Zach Duvall

Beelzefuzz - The Righteous Bloom
Virus - Oblivion Clock
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
Morbid Angel - Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
In the Woods - Omnio
Today is the Day - Temple of the Morning Star

Evan Thompson

Numenorean - Home
Devin Townsend - Infinity
Meshuggah - Obzen
Meshuggah - Koloss
Meshuggah - Catch Thirty-Three
Neurosis - Given to the Rising

Christopher Sessions

SubRosaFor This We Fought the Battle of Ages
Insomnium - Winter's Gate
Deep Purple - Made In Japan
Failure - The Heart is a Monster
Death Grips - Exmilitary

Christopher Redar

Guns n' Roses - Use Your Illusion I & II
Wormed - Krighsu
Master P - Ghetto D
Cannibal Corpse - Torture
Miserable - Uncontrollable
Nirvana - In Utero


Thin Lizzy - Black Rose
Dysrhythmia - The Veil of Control
New Model Army - Winter
Discharge - Realities of War
Mercyful Fate - The Beginning
Bobby Hutcherson - Happenings

Dave Schalek

Kerasporus Kerasporus
SubRosaFor This We Fought The Battle Of Ages
SodomDecision Day
Old WaindsDeath Nord Kult
NegatorOld Black
High Spirts - Motivator

Jeremy Morse

Defeated Sanity - Disposal of the Dead/Dharmata
Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
Nucleus - Sentient
Tau Cross - Tau Cross
Sick Of It All - Scratch the Surface
Seputus - Man Does Not Give

Mire Travar

Dismember -Like an Ever Flowing Stream
Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill
Heron Oblivion - s/t
Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts
SubRosa - For This We Fought the Battle of Ages
Glorior Belli - Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)


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