Staff Infections

January 2017

posted on 1/2017   By: Jeremy Morse

Welcome back, friends and neighbors. Given the over-abundance of lists in what has now come to be known as list season, Staff Infections took last month off. It’s a new year, however, and now that the holiday hub-bub has died down, I am sure you are desperate to know what the Last Rites staff has been listening to.

But first, let’s talk Bolt Thrower. Our pal Evan, as you will see in his play list, has been hitting the Bolt Thrower pretty heavy lately, and that got me to thinking, what is my favorite Bolt Thrower album? If, god forbid, I could only listen to one Bolt Thrower album for the rest of my life, what would it be? In a way, there is no wrong answer, given how consistently excellent the band’s material is, but that consistent excellence makes the actual decision all the more difficult. In the end, I would have to choose Realm of Chaos, because it contains my favorite Bolt Thrower Song, “World Eater”, and because, while it definitely features the band’s classic sound, it still has a few bits of gnarly grind in it that make it a little bit more dynamic and unpredictable than the albums that followed.

So, when you share your playlist in the comments, if you’ve a mind to stress yourself, share your favorite Bolt Thrower album as well. If, by chance, you are unfamiliar with the work of the mighty Bolt Thrower, you Last Rites buddies have a nice little introduction for you right here.

Now, on to the usual business: First place this month goes to the fittingly named death metal duo, Tomb Mold, and its fetid debut, Primordial Malignity. Coming in second is a release championed by our own Captain Michael Wuensch, the epic metal triumph that is The Armor of Ire by Eternal Champion. Meshuggah’s latest, The Violent Sleep of Reason, Ride for Revenge’s Thy Horrendous Yearning and Seven KingdomsDecennium make up the three-way tie for third place. Enjoy the sample tracks, and happy new year. See you next month.

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Zach Duvall

The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-li
Arduini / Balich - Dawn of Ages
Absu - The Third Storm Of Cythrául
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity
Metallica - Hardwired... To Self-Destruct

Michael Wuensch

Ride For RevengeThy Horrendous Yearning
Tomb MoldPrimordial Malignity
Dio Lock Up the Wolves
Hammers of MisfortuneThe August Engine
AbsuThe Sun of Tiphareth
Monasterium Monasterium

Andrew Edmunds

Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche (1983)
Cripple Bastards - Nero In Metastasi
Gamma Ray - Heading For Tomorrow
King's X - Faith Hope Love
Seven Kingdoms - Decennium
Xentrix - For Whose Advantage?

Matthew Cooper

Armored Saint - Carpe Noctum
Killing Joke - The Great Gathering - Live at Brixton Academy
Rudra - Enemy of Duality
Accept - Metal Heart
Exodus - Fabulous Disaster
Nine Inch Nails - Not the Actual Events

Christopher Sessions

Various ArtistsTranscending Obscurity Sampler
Sentient Horror – Ungodly Forms
Warrel DanePraises to the War Machine
Mercyful FateDon’t Break the Oath
John DenverRocky Mountain Christmas
Jim Nabors The Lord’s Prayer and Other Sacred Songs

Konrad Kantor

Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire
The Ruins of Beverast - Takitum Tootem
The Slackers - The Question
Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn
Summoning - Minas Morgul
Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny

Evan Thompson

Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos
Bolt Thrower - War Master
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
Civil War - The Last Full Measure
Trees of Eternity - Hour of the Nightingale
Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire


Madder Mortem - Red in Tooth and Claw
Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire
Tears for Fears - Raoul and the Kings of Spain
Famishgod - Roots of Darkness
Dawn of Ages - Arduini / Balich
Tomb MoldPrimordial Malignity

Dave Pirtle

Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason
Killwhitneydead - Stocking Stuffher
Witchery - In His Infernal Majesty's Service
Blackfield - Blackfield V
Grave Digger - Healed By Metal
Skuggsja - S/T

Keith Ross

Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason
Twilight - Monument To Time End
Anaal Nathrakh - The Whole of the Law
Underoath - Ø (Disambiguation)
Norma Jean - Polar Similar
Bill Evans & Jim Hall - Undercurrent

Mirela Travar

Neko Case - Blacklisted
39.4 - 39.4
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
Darkestrah  - Turan
Eight Bells -  Landless
Wishbone Ash - Argus

Danhammer Obstkrieg

Bathsheba - Servus
Ride for Revenge - Thy Horrendous Yearning
Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity
Seven Kingdoms - Decennium
Unearthly Trance - Ouroborus
Low - I Could Live in Hope

Jeremy Morse

Black SabbathHeadless Cross
Terrorizer World Downfall
Bolt Thrower - …For Victory
DemigodSlumber of Sullen Eyes
Rose TattooScarred for Life
GorgutsConsidered Dead

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