Staff Infections

April 2017

posted on 4/2017   By: Jeremy Morse

Welcome, friends, to a not particularly special Easter edition of Staff Infections. And what better way to celebrate the resurrection of our lord and savior than with some black metal? Dodecahedron’s recently released Kwintessens tops the staff charts this month, and if you haven’t heard it, our own Michael Wuensch has the skinny on Kwintessens right here. Keeping it black, second place goes to black/doom one-man-band Ruins of Beverast, with its forthcoming album Exuvia. Finally, third place goes to Endstrand, the latest effort from the increasingly difficult to categorize Valborg. Your pal and mine, Mannfred Octavius War has the scoop on Enstrand. Enjoy some samples from each of our top finishers below.

Since its Easter, I suppose it’s only fitting that we discuss Christian metal. Myself, I don’t much care for it, in much the same way that I don’t care for any sort of Nazi or white power bullshit. It’s hard to dig the music when the ideology behind it rubs you the wrong way. It doesn’t help that most of the Christian metal I’ve heard has sucked pretty hard from a purely musical standpoint. There is an exception or two, however, and Trouble is one of them. The band has long since cooled it on the Jesus business, but the group’s debut, Psalm 9, a pillar of doom metal, is very much a Christian-themed album.

So, while you share your playlist in the comments, share as well, if you will, your take on Christian metal. Is any of it any good to your ears?

Until next month, may all your chocolate bunnies be brutally decapitated and may all your jelly beans be black.

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Zach Duvall

The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia
Agua De Annique - Air
Valborg - Endstrand
Ministry - Psalm 69
Anathema - Weather Systems
Dodecahedron - Kwintessens


Saule - Saule
Dodecahedron - Kwintessens
Casket Huffer - Gospels of Scum
Valborg - Barbarian
The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia
New Order - Movement

Dave Schalek

Dodecahedron - Kwintessens
Valborg - Endstrand
Azarath - In Extremis
Venenum - Trance Of Death
Altar Of Betelgeuze - Among The Ruins
Destruction - Eternal Devastation

Konrad Kantor

The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia
Neurosis - Through Silver in Blood
Death SS - The Story of Death SS 1977-1984
Ahab - The Divinity of Oceans
Kriegsmaschine - Enemy of Man
Grima - Tales of the Enchanted Woods

Michael Wuensch

Disharmonic OrchestraFear of Angst
CrusadesThis is a Sickness and Sickness Will End
Amorphis – The Karelian Isthmus
PharaohBe Gone
KXM Scatterbrain
SarcasmWithin the Sphere of Ethereal Minds

Chris Redar

Benighted - Necrobreed
Svart Crown - Abreaction
Dodecahedron - Kwintessens
Snow tha Product - Halfway There
Bjork - Volta
Vomit Remnants - Hyper Groove Brutality

Evan Thompson

Howard Shore - The Lord of the Rings Score
Oranssi Pazuzu - Värähtelijä
Iced Earth - The Dark Saga
Iced Earth - Horror Show
Summoning - Stronghold
Summoning - Oathbound

K. Scott Ross

Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavour
Dodecahedron - Kwintessens
Weeping Sores - Weeping Sores
John Coltrane - Giant Steps

Jeremy Morse

Suffocation Pierced from Within
The Obsessed Sacred
Celtic FrostMorbid Tales
SlayerChrist Illusion
SlayerReign in Blood

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