Mid-Week Video Roundup

Brutal Truth, Darkane, The Haunted

posted on 2/2014   By: Jordan Campbell

The Weekend Video Roundup is late. (Or yet to arrive, depending on your perspective.) Fear not: The Mid-Week Video Roundup is here! There's a ton of metallic celluloid floating around the 'net right now, but these pages can only handle quantities of three. So! Take this small handful of video madness before we get backlogged with synchronized headbanging and cheap CGI. 

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Brutal Truth - The Stroy

What’s Cool: Hey, Brutal Truth released new material!

What’s Not: It’s terrible!

How To Fix It: Well, you can’t exactly force a legendary grind band to un-make a seven-minute harsh noise disaster and set the resulting non-song to something other than tired-ass slo-mo psychedelic renderings of the band members. But you can hope to hell that they’ve got another trick up their sleeve before Mr. Lilker retires the band later this year, ‘cause this is some sub-Lulu shit right here.

 • • •

Darkane - Mechanically Divine

What’s Cool: Hey, Darkane released new material! Did anyone even notice that The Sinister Conspiracy came out last year? Somehow, I didn’t get the memo…either that, or it went straight into the wastebasket. I'm not trying to be a dick. But Darkane was always a bit of a second-tier act in that hyper-polished, Gothenburg-style death/thrash scene of yesterdecade, so it’d be easy to dismiss a 2013 comeback as day-late/buck-short. But “Mechanically Divine” is stout as hell. It manages to avoid dated tactics—even adding a hint of djent to the rhythm work—and whoa, guitar solos! Whoa, returning original singer with legitimate pipes!

This is surprisingly rad.

What’s Not: While it’s irritating that some of the “videos” that land in my inbox turn out to be mere montages of band photos and clip art (hey, Satan’s Host and Occultus: there’s a reason why Ken Burns doesn’t work in this medium), they’re arguably more creative and engaging than what Darkane’s been dealt here. Not only are they playing in the proverbial abandoned warehouse—self-awareness, dudes—the band has the combined personality of an accountant’s stamp collection.

How To Fix It: After all these years, can it be fixed? Darkane never managed to stand out from the pack in their mild heyday. In 2014, it's almost impossible to make waves when you’re basically the Getty Images search result for “Swedish metal band”. The only way to salvage this comeback is to strip these guys nude, place them on flaming hang gliders, and engineer some kind of marketing tie-in with the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Or The Muppets. People love that shit.

 • • •

The Haunted - My Enemy

What’s Cool: Using studio footage for video clips beats the ol’ abandoned warehouse trick, and quite handily. Skeletonwitch used it effectively on “Burned From Bone”, and a (hopefully) resurgent incarnation of The Haunted is using the same tactic on this sixty-five second cut.

It’s organic. It’s energetic. I like it.

What’s Not: Unfortunately, that energy doesn’t make its way into the riffery. Like Darkane, these guys are doing their damnedest to breathe new life into tired sounds, but unlike Darkane, they aren’t exactly succeeding. The Haunted’s early material hasn’t aged well—it was a product of a certain timespace where the thrashing was scarce—and this blatant reachback rings hollow.

How To Fix It: Mute the damn thing and throw on Corporation 187’s Perfection in Pain.

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