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posted on 1/2015   By: Last Rites


Bands/artists, if you would like to submit music for possible review at Last Rites, please send us a direct message through our Facebook page. The message must contain three items:

• A link to an official band website or page on Facebook, Bandcamp, etc. Must be able to glean bio/style from this.
• A link to a download of the album you wish to see covered (via a Bandcamp code, Dropbox link, or other standard forms of transmittal). Links to streams will be ignored.
• A contact email address.

You may or may not hear back from us. We are all very busy people with lots of things to do outside of Last Rites. Plus, we have an endless promo stream to attend to. Know that we will give your music a shot, but if it is not covered, pestering us about it is probably not the best idea.




Last Rites is always interested in adding enthusiastic, quality writers. The application process is simple. Send us three sample reviews: one of an album you love, one of an album you hate, and one of a power metal album (seriously). Slap these all into a Dropbox folder and send a link to us via Facebook message.

We generally look for the following qualities in writers:

• Those with a deep knowledge of the history and a hunger for varying styles of heavy metal.
• No agendas. Last Rites is not looking for those that view blogging as some sort of step up the internet ladder. If we get even the slightest whiff of “tastemaker” stink, you’ll be shown the door quicker than you can play “You Suffer.”
• Ultimately, honesty and an eternal love for metal and music. We like our writers to still be fans.

Please keep in mind that we can afford to be picky. If we like what we read, we will contact you. If you do not hear back from us, that's probably not a good sign. Initial veto does not mean you cannot try again, however, so keep honing your style.



We hope to hear from many of you in one way or another. If not these, get loud commenting on articles and reviews. We always like being told how wrong we are. Cheers.