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Ambassador Gun – Tomb Of Broken Sleep Review

Ambassador Gun plays the kind of grindcore that opens shows for larger grindcore bands. Much like the time Sick/Tired opened for Nasum in Chicago, by the time Brutal Truth (the co-headliner) had played for what

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction Review

Starting with 2009’s The Harvest Floor, San Diego’s Cattle Decapitation effectively jettisoned their loose, somewhat unlistenable brand of deathgrind in favor of a more streamlined and polished brutal death sound. What separated them from THAT

Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess Review

Chicago’s Immortal Bird wasted very little time crafting a full length after their late 2013 EP Akrasia took a swing and a miss at most critics’ EOY lists. Here’s a little secret for ya, kiddies:

Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain Review

After a few key lineup changes and a hiatus, New York’s Skinless have returned with what is considered their “classic” (read: the dudes that did Foreshadowing Our Demise) lineup, plus new guitarist Dave Matthews. In

Antigama – The Insolent Review

Didn’t Antigama just drop a phenomenal album a short while ago? ‘Heads should still be whiplashing their necks to 2013’s Meteor, which still feels as fresh and vital as the day it came out. The

Theories – Regression Review

Seattle, WA’s Theories released a killer split last year with Wake, who are a personal favorite band of yours truly. And guess what- you didn’t read about it here, because my lazy ass didn’t do

Fulgora – Stratagem Review

This is some white-hot shit right here, y’all. St. Louis three-piece Fulgora is redefining what it is to bring the thunder with their debut full-length Stratagem. “Full-length” is a pretty relative term as it relates

Ranger – Where Evil Dwells Review

Finland’s Ranger is bound to get sued by either Id Software or Overkill for that cover art. Fucking flying skulls? Really? Sure, it fits in with the retro vibe of the overall package these thrashers

Xibalba – Tierra y Libertad Review

A short list of similes that sprang to mind while listening to Tierra y Libertad, the third album from California metalcore dealy-mer-bobber Xibalba: • Like Hatebreed and Corporate Avenger collaborating on an album that is

Whyzdom – Symphony For A Hopeless God Review

Paris, France’s Whyzdom is the kind of project that would happen if six strangers answered one of those “MUST HAVE PRO GEAR” ads that are always littering the bulletin board at Guitar Center. It was