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Gruesome – Dimensions Of Horror Review

If nothing else, the Dimensions of Horror EP, the latest release from the Matt Harvey-led semi-super group/Death tribute act Gruesome, proves that Savage Land was not a one-off affair. Is Gruesome going to be a

Dream Death – Dissemination Review

In 2013, Dream Death issued its sophomore album, Somnium Excessum, twenty-six years after its cult classic debut, Journey into Mystery. In a comparative blink of an eye, album number three, Dissemination, has arrived, proving that

Morgue Supplier – Morgue Supplier Review

Morgue Supplier is a Chicago-based grindcore act with a lengthy career, but precious little recorded material to show for it. Formed in 1997 as Jugular Appetizer, and assuming its current moniker in 1999, the band

Destroyer 666 – Wildfire Review

It’s been seven years since Deströyer 666’s last full-length album, the somewhat underwhelming Defiance. In those seven years, the band essentially disintegrated, leaving only founder/guitarist/vocalist K.K. Warslut from that 2009 line-up. The band’s membership has never

4 Doors To Death Review

4 Doors to Death is a compilation from Unspeakable Axe records that features ten previously unreleased tracks from four up-and-coming North American death metal bands. Two of the included bands, Ectovoid and Trench Rot, I

Baphomet’s Blood – In Satan We Trust Review

Sometimes I want metal to transport me to mystical realms, or plumb the depths of darkness in my soul, or even to challenge my very concept of what constitutes music. Other times (most of the

Grave – Out Of Respect For The Dead Review

Grave’s last album, Endless Procession of Souls, was one of the band’s better records since its 2002 reformation. Endless didn’t exactly rock the boat stylistically, but perhaps owing to the addition of then-new guitarist Mika Lagren,

Denner / Sherman – Satan’s Tomb Review

As the story goes, former Mercyful Fate guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Shermann got together a few times in the past couple years to record YouTube videos celebrating the thirtieth anniversaries of Mercyful Fate’s first

Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death Review

When I reviewed Black Breath’s last record, Sentenced to Life, I expressed some disappointment with its relative brevity in both individual track lengths and overall run-time. I felt like I didn’t get my full Black

Pentagram – Curious Volume Review

Pentagram’s 2011 album, Last Rites, had the air of a miracle about it. Singer Bobby Liebling, after decades of drug abuse, somehow cleaned himself up and managed to convince estranged guitarist Victor Griffin to rejoin the