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Fuck The Facts: Unnamed Interview

In the course of a decade, Canadian unit Fuck The Facts has gone from being the one-man grind project of founder/guitarist Topon Das to a full-fledged band that consistently pushes the boundaries of grindcore. The band has

Fuck The Facts – Unnamed EP Review

Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts are nothing if not prolific. Since their inception as a one-man unit in 1998, FtF has released eight full lengths (or more, depending on how you define “full-length”), four EPs

Fates Warning – Parallels (Special Edition) Review

In its original incarnation, 1991’s Parallels was my introduction to Fates Warning. I’d heard the band’s name before, then as now almost always mentioned alongside Queensryche and Dream Theater, and since I was (and am)

Barn Burner – Bangers

Ever wonder what it would sound like if Corrosion Of Conformity and Slough Feg were magically merged into one? Honestly, I didn’t. In fact, I’m fairly certain I’d never thought about that at all. But

Paradox – Riot Squad Review

Although they’re both German and thrash, Paradox isn’t what most of us would think of when we think of “German thrash.” Their particular brand of speed is more controlled, more technical, more precise than the

Overkill – Ironbound Review

Almost thirty years now… For nearly one-third of a century, through five different American presidents (three of them two-termers), through sixteen studio albums and three live releases, through at least seven record labels and thousands

Nostradameus – Illusion’s Parade Review

Swedish power thrashers Nostradameus bring us their sixth record of melodic and epic, Helloween-and-Nocturnal–Rites-indebted speed metal. All the requisite components are here—guitar work with riffs equally melodic and aggressive, throaty vocals that reach into the

Haiyano Daisuki – Invincible Gate Mind Of The Infernal Fire Hell, Or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki? Review

Wow. I needed that. To let you in a bit on my life of late, I’d struggled across the last few months with a review or two of albums that were solid enough but in