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A Devil’s Dozen – Helloween

Sometimes there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes you hate the day. Sometimes you’re attacked by “Heavy Metal Hamsters”. Then you put on a little Helloween, and by the grace of “Mrs. God”, it just makes everything better.

Fast Rites – May 2017: Don’t Cry For Me, Florida

Reality shows have a special hold on America. The entertainment channels are chock-full of people crying, screaming, fighting, being overly drunk and just plain embarrassing themselves for the benefit of the viewer. And is the

A Devil’s Dozen – Black Sabbath: The Tony Martin Albums

There’s a common misconception among most fans of metal. The idea is that Black Sabbath ceased to make top quality metal either after the (second) departure of Ozzy Osbourne in 1979 or on albums without

Fast Rites – April 2017 Black Metal and Steroids

Much like Major League Baseball attempting to deal with the long embedded problem of steroids, the “metal scene” needs to finally figure out a way to deal with the Nazi problem. As Mike Piazza’s jersey

Last Rites Cover Art Tournament: The Championship

Friends, we have arrived at the end, and what a journey it was to arrive here. We saw a King of the Dead take out Ozzy and his Ultimate Sin. Metallica’s Puppets were no masters

Last Rites Cover Art Tournament: The Fatal Four

In the NCAA Tournament, the Final Four is treated as a kind of Mount Rushmore for that season of college basketball. All year, analysts talk up great teams, but will temper their hype with phrases

Last Rites Cover Art Tournament: The Execrable Eight

Giants have fallen. With the round of eight — the Execrable Eight — if you will, giants have fallen. Three of the original four top seeds do not survive to advance to the Fatal Four,

Last Rites Cover Art Tournament: The Sweet Six(66)teen

If it has not become abundantly clear already, the main purpose of this tournament was not necessarily to do a ride-along to the NCAA tournament, but really to honor the great visual side of heavy

Last Rites Cover Art Tournament: Round of 32 – The Culling

Hello, friends. We hope you are enjoying our little dedication to the history of cover art in heavy metal. We hope it’s extra fun for you that we aren’t just writing about art we love,

Last Rites Cover Art Tournament: The Brutal Round of 64

Heavy metal is many things, but being the world’s most brutal music is one of its chief roles. This is not to say that music of other styles can’t be brutal; anyone that has heard