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Ufomammut – Eve Review

“Ufomammut are gonna make a big splash with this album.” Seems like I’ve been saying that since 2004, when I first heard Snailking. But for whatever reason, these Italians still seem to be flying under the radar


Jex Thoth – Witness Review

Vocals–they’ve killed many a metal album over the years.  Other times we’re willing to make peace with them only because the music is so killer.  But a great voice, only that actually makes an album, now those are in

Armored Saint – La Raza Review

As lousy as it is to deal with the disappointment of an old favorite going on to offer up, ah, let’s say “less than stellar” work, it’s far, far worse to have to write about

Sickening Horror – The Dead End Experiment

Sickening Horror’s debut, When Landscapes Bled Backwards, was the sleeper death metal album of 2007, and had I heard it in time, it surely would have landed a spot on my end-of-year list. But I clearly

Ministry – Adios… Puta Madres Review

So what’s on Ministry’s swan song live album? Those songs where he rails against Bush! Doesn’t narrow it down, does it. Okay, the ones aimed at George W. Bush. Wait, that’s not specific enough either. Fine then, we’ll

Razor of Occam – Homage to Martyrs Review

Occam’s Razor is a scientific principle that all things equal, the most simple explanation (theory) for something is likely to be the correct one. Razor of Occam is a black thrash act from London by way of

Grayceon – This Grand Show Review

Wow. After hearing the first two songs from the sophomore effort from Grayceon, I promptly picked my jaw up off the floor and immediately kicked myself for not heeding the universal–and I do mean universal–praise and

Subrosa – Strega Review

From the metal as hell I Hate comes the, uh, so not metal as hell second album from Salt Lake City’s SubRosa. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a distinctly arid, desert-doom quality to this album, but if I

Opeth – The Roundhouse Tapes Review

Opeth make it hard on the elitists, cynics and complainers with their first live album, the two-disc The Roundhouse Tapes. As Opeth’s commercial appeal has grown, so has the disenchanted segment of the underground that resents the band’s

Blut Aus Nord – Odinist: The Destruction of Reason By Illumination Review

French black metal behemoth Blut Aus Nord returns with Odinist: The Destruction of Reason By Illumination, an intriguing release in that since the band burst onto the larger metal stage with the phenomenal The Work Which Transforms God, they’ve been