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A Devil’s Dozen – Enslaved

Even on their earliest official release – the Hordanes Land half of the now-legendary split with Emperor – Enslaved were looking down a different path from that of their Norwegian Second Wave brethren. The longer

A Devil’s Dozen – Immolation

To put it plainly, Immolation is one of the most unique, most consistent and flat-out best death metal bands in the world. Formed in Yonkers, New York in 1988, by guitarist/mastermind Robert Vigna, bassist/frontman, Ross

A Devil’s Dozen – Deep Purple

Admittedly, Deep Purple falls a little outside Last Rites’ usual scope of coverage. Deep Purple is not, strictly speaking, a metal band, but the group is ten times heavier than some of the fruity bullsh…

A Devil’s Dozen – Immortal

After 24 mostly active years, eight albums, endless loads of riffs, all of the winter playlists, and oodles of crab walks, Immortal has decided to go out on their own terms and call it quits…

A Devil’s Dozen – Bolt Thrower

Do we really need to do a Bolt Thrower Devil’s Dozen? Could not any thirteen, randomly selected Bolt Thrower tracks produce a list comparable in quality to the one below? Perhaps, and doing so certainly

A Devil’s Dozen – Iron Maiden – Volume 2

Welcome to volume two of our Iron Maiden double Devil’s Dozen, wherein we highlight the best songs from one of the best discographies in heavy metal. If you missed volume one, you can check it

A Devil’s Dozen – Iron Maiden – Volume 1

Inarguably one of the greatest heavy metal bands the world has ever known, Iron Maiden needs no introduction. Thirteen songs being woefully insufficient to capture the breadth of the band’s greatness, Last Rites has chosen

A Devil’s Dozen – Sepultura

It has been a long time since Sepultura has had any real relevance to the underground metal community, or whatever you want to call this particular sphere we inhabit. To the band’s credit it has