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LABEL Olympic
RELEASED ON 11/12/2002


Unholy Cult

posted on 11/2002   By: Ryan Plunkett

Where the hell did this come from?! I have to say, Immolation has surprised the hell out of me with this release. Previous to this release I had enjoyed some of Immolation's material, but could never fully get into it. That train of thought is in the past with the release of their latest recording, Unholy Cult. They did everything they could to better themselves as a band. Let me explain. Musically this is Immolation's best release thus far. The dark riffs accompanied by crazy harmonics return, and better than ever. Bill Taylor (ex-Angel Corpse) joins the picture with Robert Vigna writing some brutal riffs. In the past I found their music to be just a little too chaotic, and often a bit too slow for my tastes (not to mention the guitar was often difficult to hear due to lousy production, but I'll go into that later). This time around I can dig every riff on here. I think one of my favorite parts musically comes right in the beginning with the song "Of Martyrs and Men". It starts out with this haunting clean intro that slowly builds up, almost reminiscent of Opeth(!) which leads straight into the chaos of fast brutal riffing. Alex Hernandez does a great job one the kit once again with his powerful blast beats and thunderous double kicks. Ross Dolan handles the vokills perfectly, which almost sound a bit darker compared to their past releases. The lyrics are also some of Immolation's best yet. Their lyrics are easily some of my favorite when it comes to the really dark stuff. This brings me to the only real thing that hurts the album, the production. Surprisingly this is the best production Immolation has ever had though. It's much better than Failure of the Gods and anything before that. I would describe it as slightly better than Close to a World Below, and this time around the drums don't drown out the guitars, which I was really happy about because that was one of my major complaints with Close to a World Below. All in all, this is a very solid release from Immolation. If you're a fan of brutal death and/or an Immolation fan, this is a must own. If you've never heard Immolation before this is a great release to get you started in their musical realm. If you couldn't enjoy their past releases because you thought the production was too poor, I urge you to give them a second chance with Unholy Cult. Prepare yourself for darkness.


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