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LABEL Candlelight
RELEASED ON 9/16/2008


Left To Die

posted on 10/2008   By: Jeremy Morse

I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised to see that Obituary is still going strong three years after the band's 2005 comeback. This decade has been riddled with band reunions and while a few bands like Exodus seem to be in it for the long haul, many others like Anthrax and Celtic Frost burned out pretty quick. Having released two full length albums and toured extensively it seems that Obituary is going the Exodus route. Further proof of this is the recently released EP Left to Die. Left to Die consists of two new original songs, a cover of Celtic Frost’s “Dethroned Emperor”, a re-recording of the title track to the band’s first album, “Slowly We Rot” and a video for the song “Evil Ways” from Xecutioner’s Return.

"Forces Realign" is the first studio track and it is stylistically quite similar to material from the last album.  The song features a driving main riff that moves at a fairly quick pace, coupled with some trademark slow grooves in the middle. The “Dethroned Emperor” cover is pretty faithful in arrangement to the original. If you have heard Obituary’s cover of “Circle of the Tyrants”, you know what to expect. Similarly, the new version of “Slowly We Rot” is little different from the original, aside from a key change from E to D. The final audio track, “Left to Die”, is a slow six minute crusher that showcases the band at their best. The vibe is ominous, the riffs are leaden and Raplh Santolla’s solos are sublimely sinister.

The “Evil Ways” video plays like homemade shit on my computer, with the video portion jumping and eventually freezing while the audio continues, so that portion of the EP was of no use to me. It is possible the problem could be with my computer, but it is a fairly new machine and it has played countless porn videos with nary a hitch, so I doubt it.

I am a die hard fan of Obituary and I will buy anything they put out, but for a more casual fan it is hard to recommend this release. My copy cost eight dollars; for two new songs, a cover, a re-recording and a video that doesn’t work, that is not a lot of value for your dollar. In comparison, I purchased Amon Amarth’s Twilight of the Thunder God for only two dollars more and it included a full length album of all new material and a professionally shot full length concert DVD. Left to Die is an enjoyable listen, but I would only recommend buying it if you can get it for a much cheaper price than eight dollars.


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