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LABEL Victory
RELEASED ON 7/27/2010


Legacy Of The Ancients

posted on 8/2010   By: Erik Thomas

Admittedly, listening to the fourth album from Dave Astor’s (The Locust, Cattle Decapitation) brutal death metal outfit so soon after Defeated Sanity's Chapters of Repugnance is akin to nailing Katy Perry, then nailing a Katy Perry look-alike. Essentially everything is the same, and it all feels pretty good, but deep down, you prefer the real thing.

Even with Astor at the drumming helm, ultimately Pathology is a fairly standard brootal/slam death metal outfit that culls from the vast offspring of Devourment and Disgorge (whose Matti Way now does vocals here). And personally, the whole time I’m listening to Legacy of the Ancients, I can’t help but wonder what dirt Astor has on Victory Records management that prompted Victory to sign Pathology. On Victory's roster they kinda stand out like a giant black dick at an all-naked, Chinese-only Bar Mitzvah.

That’s not to say Legacy of the Ancients is a bad record. For the genre, it’s actually pretty solid and even injects some melody into the usual brootal blast- and slam-fest. But after I really enjoyed Defeated Sanity’s Chapters of Repugnance (fellow Metal Review staff notwithstanding), this seems a little bit of a step back. Still, Astor has created a pretty accessible version of slammy death metal that might introduce Victory fans to something a little more respectable, although, frankly, if they were determined to expand their roster and add some brutality. I could have given them about 74 other options.

That all being said, even with its very subtle harmonies, Legacy of the Ancients does the slam-death metal adequately. It’s not overbearingly down-tuned or overly guttural (which is maybe why Victory chose them?), and it has enough gurgling, lurching heft and rumbling blasts to satiate the brootal masses, but it still does it all with an air of ‘nicety’. For example, you get song titles like “Among Giants”, “Saturn Brotherhood” and “Code Injection” as opposed to the likes of “Sodomize The Bleeding”, (Disgorge), “Charred Vaginal Effluence” (Gorgasm), and “Serial Cocksucker” (Devourment). And while this slightly more intellectual approach may garner new fans or turn off brootal die-hards, the fact remains that musically, tracks like “Abducted”, “Blood Runs” and “Afterlife” are well-executed and have a deft sense of structure and melody amid the expected heave, slam and blast.

Basically, if you were to take a slam-death metal band home to have afternoon tea with your family, it would be Pathology, and they would at least ask politely if they could skull-fuck your mother. And after they left, your mother would say, “They seem like nice boys." Whereas, if you invited Defeated Sanity, your mother’s severed, impaled head would be gurgling through a toothless, cum-filled mouth.


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