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LABEL Relapse
RELEASED ON 6/7/2011
GENRES Grindcore

Looking For An Answer

Eterno Treblinka

posted on 9/2011   By: Erik Thomas

Despite being in existence for over a decade, Spain’s Looking For an Answer has only recorded two full-length albums, though in the tradition of real, classic grindcore, they have also released about 500 splits and EPs. Their second album Eterno Treblika finds the band on Relapse Records, once a haven for groundbreaking grind, and while the band won’t quite be considered the next great grindcore act, this is a decent record.
17 songs and thirty minutes of blistering old school grindcore/death metal is on display here. It’s slightly down-tuned with deep guttural vocals and compares to some of the Eastern European grindcore acts. There's no bullshit whatsoever, and each track delivers Napalm Death-styled power-chord-fueled blast beats and the odd groove. The lyrics are mostly in Spanish with the exception of the cover of Fear of God’s “Running Through the Blood”. (Fear of God the Swiss grind band, not the Dawn Crosby-fronted thrash band.) 
Overall, Eterno Treblinka does not quite grab me like some other grind I've heard this year (namely Expurgo and Lock Up), but as a whole, the album is solid. The tracks rarely deviate from a rigid formula, but they are rendered with tenacity, a nice guitar tone and no screeches. The likes of “Campo Extermino”, “Terror Carnivo”, “Esclavos”, and the initial slower groove of “Holocasto Dairio” do however deliver a proficient take on the genre.
As I stated in my review of Brazilian grindcore act Expurgo, grindcore is finding its way to the corners of the earth, and Looking For an Answer has delivered Spain’s very respectable entry.


Looking For An Answer
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