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LABEL Dark Descent
RELEASED ON 7/10/2015
  • for those who like their death extra stout, Undergang is a band well worth investigating.


Døden Læger Alle Sår

posted on 7/2015   By: Jeremy Morse

“This shit makes Coffins sound crisp.” Zach Duvall

Such was my introduction to Undergang and the band’s latest album Døden Læger Alle Sår. And while I believe my colleague Mr. Duvall has made the situation quite clear, I’ll reiterate: This is some dark, muddy, murky death metal. Think Incantation. but less dynamic or Cianide with fewer bells and whistles. The guitars are heavily down-tuned, the bass sounds like a wet fart and the vocals are cavernously deep and comically indecipherable. True, the lyrics are likely in Danish, but I doubt English would render the message any clearer. If this all sounds like a condemnation of Døden Læger Alle Sår, it is not meant to be; it’s just the facts.

Undergang seems to know the limitations of its chosen sound and how to work within them. The band’s fuzzy rumble does not lend itself to the articulation of intricate phrases, so Undergang keeps to short, simple, but catchy motifs. Melody comes principally from chordal movement, with the odd trill hammer-on or bent note to spice things up. There are no solos, no harmonized melodies and only a couple token clean passages; this is a meat and potatoes affair, and mostly meat, really.

While there is a hefty serving of doom in Undergang’s death metal, the band tends not to wallow in its own sludge for too long. Drummer Anders Dödshjælp drives the tunes forward; never fast, never overly busy, and never to the detriment of the groove, but with an insistent pulse and a heavy hand that keeps the material from getting bogged down in drone territory.

This type of death metal is bound to have a limited appeal, but for those who like their death extra stout, Undergang is a band well worth investigating. Døden Læger Alle Sår lives on the heaving, the lurching and the chugging, the thick grooves and the chunky riffs and precious little else. If you can attune yourself to this particular sound and get into those grooves, it is quite an enjoyable album. If, however, you let your attention wander, the songs will all run together and Døden Læger Alle Sår will feel like an awfully long fifty minutes.