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LABEL Dark Descent
RELEASED ON 3/4/2016
GENRES Death,Black
  • Begrime Exemious sounds…. well, sort of happy in its approach.

Begrime Exemious

The Enslavement Conquest

posted on 2/2016   By: Dave Schalek

Sure enough, right after I write a review criticizing an Incantation clone, along comes Canada's Begrime Exemious with The Enslavement Conquest, featuring none other than, you guessed it, a cover of Incantation’s classic “Impending Diabolical Conquest”. Unlike Ritual Chamber, though, that’s about where the Incantation influences end with these guys. Sure, this is dark death metal with a blackened vibe and just a hint of crust that's enhanced through a rough production, but Begrime Exemious sounds... well, sort of happy in its approach to the genre.

Gruff vocals, lots of riffing, tempo changes, a bit of a brooding atmosphere, etc. – all of the genre hallmarks are here, but Begrime Exemious has a tendency to just bounce right along in a jaunty manner from one song to another.

Tempos mostly hover around a rollicking gait, with a few downshifts to a dirge as the focus rapidly becomes the riffing. It's rather basic, but very catchy; you’ll find yourself nodding along as The Enslavement Conquest becomes increasingly infectious. Hell, this is almost danceable under the right circumstances (and maybe with the right drugs). The lone exception is “Subconscious Nemesis," which sounds as if it found its way onto this album via Morbid Tales.

The Incantation cover fits in rather well, once it finally hits, but it's still an initial surprise, as Begrime Exemious doesn’t exactly have that deep of an evil overall sound.

Toss in cover art by Mark Riddick for good measure and The Enslavement Conquest ends up a fun little blackened death metal album.