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LABEL Dark Descent
RELEASED ON 10/28/2016
GENRES Death,Doom
  • Death/doom/dark death metal is now at its best, or nearly so, when it fits like an old shoe


Remnants of Expansion

posted on 10/2016   By: Dave Schalek

Admit it: death/doom/dark death metal bands are a dime a dozen. Incantation was probably the first to break out with this particular genre tag, and hordes of descendants have followed. You could say that the genre has been played out and doesn’t really have anything new to offer; you’d be right. But the style has the same level of fondness that fans have for just plain ol’ OSDM, regardless of whether or not you’ve come to hate that particular tag. Death/doom/dark death metal is now at its best, or nearly so, when it fits like an old shoe.

Enter Krypts, a quartet from Finland with the issuing of its second full-length, Remnants Of Expansion. Krypts fits like an old shoe. With five songs -- some long, some not so much -- clocking in at 33 minutes, Remnants Of Expansion is probably as close to perfect a record in this genre a fan could hope for. A few cosmic themes of decay and disorder set the tone, and we’re off with “Arrow Of Entropy,” the album opener and the longest song at nearly twelve minutes. An ominous tone leads to slow riffs anchored by a bottom heavy sound, deeply growled vocals, and a dripping atmosphere. Variety occurs with a slow to mid-paced tempo periodically giving way to a few blastbeats.

That pattern largely continues throughout Remnants Of Deprivation, although the remaining songs are considerably shorter, and the third song, the title track, provides a nearly acoustical interlude with plenty of atmospherics.

Nothing that I’ve described here is particularly original, and Krypts certainly plays it safe. But they know their way around the genre more than well enough to provide a standout example. For most of you, that’s probably going to be good enough, especially if Dark Descent Records gives the album a stellar packaging job to boot.