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Argus – From Fields Of Fire Review

Sometimes the universe throws you a sign, y’know? I mean, some days that sign might be getting kicked in the beans by a neighbor kid passing by on a skateboard and heeding the cosmic instruction


Mausoleum Gate – Into A Dark Divinity Review

Somewhere, in a wood-paneled basement, with a couch upholstered in multi-toned brown plaid, there’s a dusty record player resting in a corner on top of crumpled copies of the local newspaper. If you were to

Walpyrgus – Walpyrgus Nights Review

Dear brothers and sisters, dear enemies and friends: it is okay to smile. Walpyrgus, the outstanding new(ish) project from members of Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept, and Daylight Dies that is more interested in

Lunar Shadow – Far From Light Review

At first glance, Germany’s Lunar Shadow occupies the same epic, sweeping terrain as Atlantean Kodex, and the comparison is certainly not without merit. After all, debut full length Far From Light certainly feels grandiose through

Quicksand Dream – Beheading Tyrants Review

Many metal enthusiasts love debating Integrity and purity and how those words relate to the truest of the true “true metal” champions. Does this band honor the roots enough, does that band adhere to the

Dark Forest – Beyond the Veil Review

Let’s begin with a brief discussion about Outsider Lifestyle and Trend Alliances. In the 80s, metal was a beacon that provided a seductively tempting “danger” element to burnouts, nerds, freaks and any sort of outcast


Ravensire – The Cycle Never Ends Review

The Cycle Never Ends fulfills the title of Ravensire’s debut LP by marching forward (although, technically the debut was entitled We March Forward). This is not only a more mature album than the band’s debut

Septagon – Deadhead Syndicate Review

Germany’s Septagon goes for the trad metal splicing approach on their debut, Deadhead Syndicate. While this is indeed a debut, three of the four instrumentalists are current or former members of long-running power/progsters Lanfear, and

Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer King Review

Once upon a time, hundreds of thousands of years ago in the 80s, Hell and heavy metal announced an exceedingly prosperous union with the hammer. It was a risky move, really, as the hammer had

Sacral Rage – Illusions In Infinite Void Review

The easiest thing to pull off in heavy metal is being a generic time capsule band. Yet, among the hardest is being a time capsule band that actually sounds unique. Greece’s Sacral Rage manages this