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Tchornobog – Tchornobog Review

There is perhaps no more insuppressible force in nature than a volcano. Eruptions destroy the works of man and nature using a variety of elemental weapons, sometimes swiftly and sometimes through crawling inevitability. Lava oozes

Divine Element – Thaurachs Of Borsu Review

Music dorks (hi, hello, how are you) love to dissect, analyze, and compartmentalize. We like classifications and rankings and comparisons and counterfactuals, all of it pursued with the bloodless extravagance of a calmly corpsepainted Carolus

Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind Of Light Review

There are no two ways to put it: A Subtler Kind of Light, the debut album from Greece’s Locust Leaves, is a bizarre piece of music. However, what makes it strange is not its roots


Celestial Bodies – Spit Forth From Chaos Review

Somewhere in between free jazz and a black metal version of the X-Files lies whatever the hell is Celestial Bodies. The music attacks as if the listener is laid out naked on a cold, steel

Lorn – Arrayed Claws Review

The difficulty of discussing Arrayed Claws, the new 38-minute “EP” from Lorn, is not necessarily describing the individual elements. After all, most passages of the album, when taken in a silo, sound pretty familiar. The

Summit – The Winds That Forestall Thy Return Review

The Winds That Forestall Thy Return is the mostly instrumental (mostly) debut full length from Summit, the latest project of Gabriele Gramaglia (The Clearing Path), and to call it 36 very densely packed minutes is

Howls Of Ebb – Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows Review

There’s great virtue in music that can appeal to different parts of the listener’s psyche all at once, teasing different moods, emotions, and styles without ever having to be obvious about it. Candlemass was as

Ecferus – Pangaea Review

Seems there’s enough shittiness in the space of any given day and its spread far and wide enough that most anybody has surely at one time or another sat and wondered how in the living

Bloodway – Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams Review

If you aren’t familiar with the name Costin Chioreanu, you’re likely familiar with his art, which is finding its way onto heavy metal album covers with increasing frequency. So curiosity was naturally piqued to see

Midnight Odyssey – Shards Of Silver Fade Review

The collapse of the record industry and the proliferation of inexpensive tools for independent recording and distribution have meant, in many ways, a liberation of artistic expression. On the whole, then, that’s a good thing: