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Vanum – Burning Arrow Review

FAST RITES: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. Vanum, a collaboration between Michael Rekevics (Fell Voices, Vorde, others) and Kyle Morgan (Ash Borer, Predatory Light, also others), released a promising black metal album in 2015’s Realm

Divine Element – Thaurachs Of Borsu Review

Music dorks (hi, hello, how are you) love to dissect, analyze, and compartmentalize. We like classifications and rankings and comparisons and counterfactuals, all of it pursued with the bloodless extravagance of a calmly corpsepainted Carolus

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze Review

God Dethroned is a Dutch death metal band with a career that spans over a quarter century, and a catalog of 10 studio albums, including its latest, The World Ablaze, and aside from the last,

Sarcasm – Within The Sphere Of Ethereal Minds Review

Since the dawn of culinary arts, ever since the first caveman chef decided that some random weed we now know as oregano tasted good with roasted mammoth hock, humans have hungered for two great tastes


Trees of Eternity – Hour of the Nightingale Review

Born out of a 2009 collaboration, Trees of Eternity began innocently enough. Juha Raivio invited Aleah Stanbridge into the studio to work on the track “Lights on the Lake” which was set to be featured

Dark Tranquillity – Atoma Review

To the attentive ear, it’s clear that Swedish melodeath masters Dark Tranquillity have been out of ideas for over a decade. After peaking with Damage Done, the band largely delivered a (wicked) clone in Character

Helcaraxe – The Last Battle Review

New Jersey’s Helcaraxe was already one of the US’ most promising (and least heralded) death metal acts when they dropped Red Dragon in 2012, but that album’s masterful melding of the melodic and the muscular

Insomnium – Winter’s Gate Review

The modern metal world will occasionally present us with the album-length song concept. Green Carnation, Gorguts, Meshuggah… sort of. It is not a new idea. And in fact, bands like Opeth, Cradle of Filth and

Astrophobos – Enthroned In Flesh Review

Remnants of Forgotten Horrors, the 2014 full length debut from Sweden’s Astrophobos, really positioned the band as one of the great new acts in the whole Blue Cover Black Metal style—that being the icy melodic


Necromancing the Stone – Jewel of the Vile Review

Some things in life are meant to be fun. Sex is one example that immediately comes to mind. Sports are also fun. Some people like to enjoy a brisk walk in the park while others