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Unsane – Sterilize Review

It can be said that the casual Unsane fan needs no more than three Unsane albums. Those would be, without question, Scattered, Smothered & Covered, Total Destruction and Occupational Hazard. The first shows the band


Wolfbrigade – Run With The Hunted Review

It’s no secret that the heavier side of punk rock owes much of its early origins not only to the United Kingdom but also to Sweden. It was among the cold ruins of Scandinavia that

Martyrdod – List Review

Two years ago, Martyrdöd’s Eldopp very rightly found its way into many a year-end list, including Last Rites’ staff-wide Top 25 and a top ten spot on my personal list, placings that were each rightfully

Sunn O))) – Kannon Review

It’s been 6 long years since the last proper Sunn O))) record, 2009’s Monoliths and Dimensions. That album brought forth some significant embellishments to Sunn O)))’s core formula of dreary and oppressive drone, and was one of their

Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death Review

When I reviewed Black Breath’s last record, Sentenced to Life, I expressed some disappointment with its relative brevity in both individual track lengths and overall run-time. I felt like I didn’t get my full Black

Poison Idea – Confuse & Conquer Review

From beginnings in 1980 as a Germs-influenced straight-ahead hardcore band, by the time of 1986’s killer Kings Of Punk LP, Portland’s Poison Idea had perfected a mash-up of hardcore and hard rock. Rock’n’roll swagger met

Gust – Gust Review

I know this may sound crazy, but this is a Southern Lord release. And it’s crusty hardcore. (insert the sound of an audience gasping) Sure, son, whatever. Next you’ll be telling me Blake Judd never

Martyrdod – Elddop Review

As you’d imagine, basing an entire genre around the work of one punk band begets limitations. As great and vicious as Discharge was and d-beat is, it’s inevitable that the legions of bands staying the