Fvnerals – Let The Earth Be Silent Review

The German duo Fvnerals, so serious about their downcast craft that they opted for a ‘v’ to avoid even suggesting the word “fun,” poses a challenge to the listener: how dark is too dark? How

Trastorned – Into The Void Review

[Cover art by Made In Darkness] Chile’s Trastorned can be counted among the many acts that take their sweet time getting music out to the (relative) masses. They formed way back in 2009, but after

Riverside – ID.Entity Review

[Cover art by Jarek Kubicki] Pop psychology has always moved big money with stories and strategies and tricks of the trade for keeping one’s chin up even through the most trying of times. Heck, some

Conjureth – The Parasitic Chambers Review

[Cover art by Mark Erskine] Back in the late ‘80s / early ‘90s, I was convinced people who heard albums such as Altars of Madness and Slowly We Rot blaring from my car were not

Profane Order – One Nightmare Unto Another Review

[Cover art by Nether Temple Design] Profane Order have made quite a name for themselves in the corner of metal where Blasphemy reigns supreme, where altars to the likes of Archgoat are constructed beneath a

Sonic Poison – Eruption Review

Do you ever wonder if maybe Beethoven was just pretending to be deaf towards the end of his life? Like, maybe he was just tired of listening to eight dozen violins go “eek eek eek

Found Sounds and Frig You Friday, Vol. 1

Fuck me, there is a LOT of music out in the world. Welcome to a Found Sounds & Fuck Yeah Fuck You Friday. Is this the start of a recurring feature? Is this a dismal

Blast Rites: Chadhel – Failure // Downfall Review

“If we go down the current status quo for, let’s say, about twenty years, we probably destroy our civilization… Probably don’t survive.” A soundbite from Jaron Lanier’s The Social Dilemma opens Failure // Downfall, nestled

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