Dying Fetus – Killing On Adrenaline Review

Originally written by Dan Staige

It is not too often that I come across a band within my musical tastes that consumes me with their lyrical content. Politics and “societal ills” are usually at the end of my list as far as interesting topics go, but Dying Fetus has set themselves apart from the majority of death-grind-core bands in the lyrical content aspect of their songs, not to mention the flat out awesomeness of the music that carries their words. Fetus has a brand of music all their own. They successfully combine catchy structure w/ punishing double bass blast beats, head bopping power grooves, guttural low end vocals, and strategic guitar solos to “berth” an album that packs a pretty powerful punch. I am continually amazed EVERY time I listen to this album (quite often) at the ability of guitarists John Gallagher and Brian Latta’s ability to manipulate natural and artificial harmonics into twisted pig-squeals and interesting “whistles”. Combine these with slow, grinding, groove-oriented breakdowns and sudden tempo changes, and you have a recipe for mandatory moshing……straight from Grandma Fetus’ cookbook. Ex-Political science major Jason Netherton has a knack for combining intelligent lyrics with guttural belching vocals and mid-range “Phil Anselmo-esque” shouting, very similar to your local foundry’s blast furnace. Some songs, however, just consist of testosterone-driven urges to use nu-metal punks as punching bags. He makes it a pleasant process from the beginning of the song to the very end. Overall, this is a GREAT album, and one that gets a lot of rotation in my CD player. The production is good, but it is a little too much on the “bassey” side. A quick adjustment of the “bass” control knob will prove a remedy to this problem. Nearly every song on this album presents a musical surprise here and there…….check it out and you will know what I mean.

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