Dimmu Borgir – Alive In Torment Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman

I would have to believe it is blatantly apparent as to how we regard Dimmu Borgir around MetalReview. At times I have been in superlative amazement as they move through magnitudes of sheer molten monstrosity. The perfect combination of melody and speed-crush generates their overall musical integrity, point blank. So when Dimmu releases a live one of course I am going to be immediately interested. Live releases can be perceived as a quick way out to fill contractual obligations. At this point I am not quite sure as to if this was the case in point. Seeing that it only has a mere five songs one could easily assume so. Once again I will give the artist the benefit of the doubt though and try to conclude differently. I have to admit that upon close dissection it does seem as if this release was just thrown together. While the shaped CD factor is a plus, the fact that there is absolutely no jacket to go along with it does speak differently. Is it wrong to ask for a few live photos of the band and the recording/location info to go along? Where, when and what venues if at all relevant. Small details but important ones. Why I speak of these is basically because if I am going to mention a band and use the word “integrity” in the same sentence I expect even trivial fine points to embroider the same. The track listing on Alive in Torment is as follows: Tormentor of Christian Souls, The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance, The Insight and the Catharsis, Puritania, and The Maelstrom Mephisto. These are indeed some powerful ass tunes as well as the majority of my favorites. Without a shadow of a doubt the actual music on this release lives up to Dimmu standards. With the most noticeable aspect being that of tempo. These tunes are played with such live conviction therefore the speed increase I am sure was inevitable. If you are a fan of Dimmu this countenance alone is worth picking this one up. There is zero banter in between tunes on Shagrath’s behalf just pure Dimmu doing what they do best, crushing your ass with black metal mayhem. Bottom Line: Although I would like to have had a 12 song live release I am sure this is just a morsel of what’s to come on their up coming DVD release, which should prove beyond punishing. Again I say if you are a fan of Dimmu this is a must have, no questions asked.

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