Novembers Doom – To Welcome The Fade Review

Originally written by Russ Wallin.

November’s Doom is well experienced in the realm of making albums. “To Welcome the Fade” is their sixth official release and combines elements of melodic metal with doom inspired passages and overall sound. I must say that “November’s Doom” is the absolute perfect name for this band. Their music transposes a very cold and sorrow filled visual in my mind. As I listen, I imagine an old man struggling through windswept snow drifts under a dark and gloomy sky. Reaching out for a frozen black rose that seems just out of grasp, but it is something that continues to remain elusive. Every step requiring more effort than the last, still the old man trudges onward. The vocals consist of a somewhat toned down guttural rasp sound, separated by smooth, clean vocals with the occasional spoken passages. Very heavy and dark! The vocals offer a nice contrasting combination that project an extremely intense experience. I like the feel that the vocals carry, but some of the lyrics are quite sappy. There are times when a female backing voice is used and that, again, carry the dark ambiance that helps define November’s Doom. If the lyrics were a little better, I’d be very impressed overall. As it stands, I’m fairly impressed. There’s not a whole lot to say about the musicianship in November’s Doom. Each instrument, while not extraordinary, is consistent and fully adequate. Everything is well represented here and portrays a complete melancholy ambiance. Whether it be the bottom heavy riffs, the smooth harmonized chords or the clean acoustic; it all sounds very good and well balanced. There are lots of backing tracks that do a great job in support of the songs. Keyboards are used about the perfect amount. Backing guitar tracks are very complimentary as well. This a very well thought out and executed album, aside from some of the lyrics. But, the backing and diverse vocals make up for much of what the lyrics lack. The album is very consistent, so it’s hard to single out a song as a favorite. That’s a good sign for an album. Most songs switch between the heavy doom and the smoother melodic style a few times and that helps make things a little more interesting. I will say that this is an album that I have to be in the mood for. Basically, if you’re feeling energetic, this album will seem a bit slow. This album is about feeling. Not speed, not technical ability; just plain feeling. The album is very well produced with very focused drums and diverse strings and vocals. This album has a very full tone and all instruments are heard clearly. A very solid production! I highly recommend this album if you like darker, slower tempo and melodic metal. Light a candle, dim the lights and crank up the volume!

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