Bloodbath – Resurrection Through Carnage Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman

For those of you who have had the unfortunate fortune of not receiving word of this almighty side project please allow me to do the mandatory honors of introducing the members. First and foremost since this week’s reviews have somewhat of a common bond revolving around Opeth, I will start with the vocalist, a one Mikael Åkerfeldt, (Opeth) on guitars, Anders Nystrom, (Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade) on bass, Jonas Renske (Katatonia, October Tide) last and surely not least on drums a one Dan Swano. (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Diabolical Masquerade) A fucking impressive line-up by all accounts.

Having no qualms in offering up the influence behind Bloodbath the common two bands between the four members of Bloodbath are Morbid Angel and Entombed which of course bleeds right through the entire album. Personally I hear somewhat of a Six Feet Under delivery here and there also. A bad thing you ask, I think not. Incorporate Chris Barnes into the mix and fuck ya it would be a piss poor comparison but since I am only speaking musically all is well in the world of crush. The concept behind Resurrection Through Carnage is simple, straight forward, no bells, no fucking whistles, no fucking gimmick pure straight forward please proceed to bash some poor fuck’s skull to pieces fucking death metal. Fuck the flash, fuck the frills and FUCK YOU Bloodbath will make you scream in blasphemy as it shreds your simple world apart. Delivering some of the most sinister vocals to date that in turn will surely make Opeth fans cower in fear, Åkerfeldt proceeds to brutalize the vocal duties with the utmost power of monstrosity. Without a doubt his performance is the main driving force behind R.T.C. and definitely something you need to hear for yourself to really appreciate. Pure power oozing right from the gut, shall I even be so bold to say GUTFED. Bottom Line is Åkerfeldt’s vocals will not even disappoint you whiney fucking gore boys. Next piece of the puzzle-o-meat is Anders Nystom’s guitar tone, can you say crusher, can you say fucking metal by all extremes, come on you can do it put the fucking metal grimace on, throw the horns up high and forget that piss poor fucking job and all the worries of this shit world we endure and proceed to get lost in merciless punishment of Bloodbath’s agony. Following up on drums, Dan Swano ads the perfect backbone of crush with solid beats and kick drums that fit perfectly, not the finest drumming I have heard but more than suitable for this romp of evil. Jonas Renske’s bass fits the bill but again nothing too flashy but more than competent and also the perfect complement to Swano’s performance. I’ve said it on the message board but I will say it again, I am sure this album will get hot and cold reviews due to the minimalist approach but you know what you can take those holier than thou fucked reviews and stick them in your ass, this album rules and basically you’re a condescending puke who needs 75 riffs pure song so you can jack off to all the technicality while holding your cherished blankey that your mom bought you when you were fucking three.

Bottom line: I may have gotten a bit off topic within this review but if you considered yourself a fan of metal even to the smallest inkling this album needs to reside in your collection, it’s just that fucking simple. You add a seven beer buzz while listening to this album and I guarantee mayhem will ensue, there is no way it cannot. These tunes hit so fucking hard and deliver such a powerful vibe that the smallest fragment of metal that resides within will rear its ugly head and proceed to kick someone’s ass immediately. So I would like to go on record right now and make some prequel apologies to all that get a blast to gut while listening to this album when I am near. This will be out of my own control and my only excuse will have to be BLAME IT ON THE FUCKING MUSIC, MAN!

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