Dying Fetus – Stop At Nothing Review

Originally written by Dan Staige.

You gotta hand it to John Gallagher. A few years ago, everyone in Dying Fetus left the band in a somewhat questionable move to form Misery Index. With Kevin Talley leading the way, Netherton joined in, then John “Sparky” Voyles. So basically, Gallagher is left standing on the highway buck nekkid holding his cock & balls in the wind. Rather than call it a day, he maintains his vision of the band and resurrects Fetus w/ 4 new members. It’s the musical equivalent of bringing an extinct species back into existence by using the genetic information of 1 strand of DNA. What a task it must’ve been. Now you’d think with 4/5 of the band being new, Fetus would have a slightly different sound. Not so. I am amazed to find that this is 100% Dying Fetus and nothing else. In fact, they sound better than ever. Every tune bursts w/ energy. Even more so than Destroy the Opposition. Fetus hone their ideas of blazing blast beats and “tag-team” vocals and follow up w/ crushing grimace indoocing pit riffs and that goofy riffing that slides way up the fretboard and then goes all the way back down in the blink of an eye. Those of you who think Kevin Talley is irreplaceable, think again. I was impressed w/ the drumwerk on Destroy the Opposition, but Stop at Nothing is everything that was & then some. “Forced Elimination” has a very different break around the 2 minute mark when the guitars break down. I’m no Dragon but I do know a difficult drum beat when I hear one, and that is a difficult beat to follow if you’re on the sticks. It’s not your standard blast beat followed w/ a common lurching breakdown pattern. There are actually quite a few inventive moments throughout the disc. When “Onslaught of Malice” breaks to the chunk, you’ll be pleased to hear the double-kick rolls berthing speed at the end of each measure, adding heaps of texture. “Vengeance Unleashed” is a stellar song and probably one of Fetus’ all time best. I heard this song long ago at their website way before the album was complete, and it sounds like they modified it a bit for the album version. When the song leads into the marquee riff once again at the 2 minute mark, it’s quite a bit faster than the 1st version. It’s still a genius song anyway, and anyone who hears it is going to be nodding the noggin at one point or another, most likely when they drop the guttural slab on you at the end. Fetus fans: You know what to expect. Expect that and a little more. Newcomers: Expect superior production and a perfect blend of very well-written metal, slamming pit-riffs, 2-tone vocals, and catchy-as-fuck-death metal riffing. Not catchy in a weak pop-rock radio way. Catchy as in quality riffing spiced up w/ technikill surprises that stick in your head long after you hear them. Energy is the name of the game and despite overwhelming setbacks, John Gallagher has delivered what Fetus addicts need & a little more to boot. I can see the cro-magnons in the pit smashing each other to bits right now… Best tracks to obliterate society to: One Shot, One Kill Forced Elimination Vengeance Unleashed.

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  1. Yes. Album is metal at its best! ….


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