Hour Of Penance – Disturbance Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

The first thing that popped into my head after throwing in Disturbance was that it has American death metal splattered all over it. After that, I let the crunch sink into my head, or should a say slam into my head, like a sledge hammer.

With only a short promo CD and a 7″ split under their belts, this death metal crew from Italy has laid down some noteworthy death metal. Formed in 1999, this foursome combines the usual elements of technicality and brutality and melds them together to lay on the hurt. Taking elements from Nile, Hate Eternal, and even Incantation, the ultimate crunch is the key here. Speed driven riffs with heavy breakdowns and crazy pinched harmonics make up the bulk of what the music offers. The drums often contain very fast double kicks with some blast beats and decent fills.

Vokilly, the gruff brutal delivery more than fits the music, along with some demonic howls to add some occasional spice.

Overall, I think this is a debut that is well worth checking out for those fans of brutal death metal. Tracks like “Mystification as Law” will send you into a frenzy and are sure to have you grimacing in no time. This is a very impressive debut from a band that will surely begin to make a name for themselves in the brutal death scene, so be sure to keep one eye open while sleeping, the Hour of Penance is upon us.

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