Wormed – Planisphaerium Review

Originally written by Dan Staige.

Wormed is a band that has unearthed some serious fucking sickness in a fresh new concept that has never been seen to this extent in the world of brutal death metal. Let me start out by giving you an idea of their idea: Wormed has come to the realization that we are minuscule creatures in a vast universe that sees us as exactly that. Exploring the brute natural forces in space and portals to other dimensions, they present their ideas in highly educated and scholarly researched forms and fuse them w/ some of the most brutal fucking slam grooves and ultra-guttural vox ever.

First thing you’ll notice is the very unorthodox cover art and professional insert layout of the disc. There is not a trace of traditional gore in sight, whether it be in image or words. Reading the lyrics is like reading any book by Stephen Hawking. It is a “galactic journey” that does a much better job of instilling any kind of fear or emotion than gore because #1: It swiftly takes you to a completely different plane of existence, and #2: It opens your eyes to the vast power and nature in a violent universe. This trip is going to start out w/ “Tunnel of Ions”. First few things I noticed were a crunchy as phuck guitar tone and that bass is actually being used as an instrument, as opposed to just following along supporting massive detuned power chords. The guitarwerk gives the music a spacey feel right off the bat. The music itself is technikill in a “loose” sort of way, flowing from point A to point B, encouraging the listener to keep a close eye and ear as to what’s going on. Drum sound is very good, w/ a kick drum that packs solid punch and a tight snare that maintains a “latin” feel if you will. As I mentioned vox are unbelievably low and take you to new depths of depravity. Tunnel of Ions is a brilliantly structured song that slams you from ceiling to floor w/out warning. At the 1:30 mark it unexpectedly goes into a riff that truly defines the word “lurching”. Just giving you a taste, they retreat to the mainframe of the song, then at 3:00 return to the lurcher, but slow it down even more to crawling pace. Holey headbanging mania! Careful not to overuse riffing, they leave it quickly and thus berthing the rewind factor. “Geodesic Dome” is another monster mosher of Spanish sickness. The bulk of this song is unbelievable heavy. Starting out w/ speedy chunk chords and struggling natural harmonics, it almost breaks to a Cryptopsy-esque string-slap, then prepare for the wrecking ball at 1:56. Guitars berst chunk then suddenly stop while “Phlegeton” sustains his immense guttural growl. Resume sickness w/ a surprising free-jazz break w/ spoken werd underneath. The song ends out w/ the heavy as hell open chord abuse. “Voxel Mitosis” has genius touches of latin drumming and very interesting bass lines. “Ylem” could quite possibly be the flagship of the album in terms of concept & heaviness. Jumping out of the gate w/ a semi-polyrhythmic riff that drums follow w/ a very odd-time beat (think Fear Factory’s “Obsolete” beat), it proceeds to a super-grind-athon mid-point that just churns out “I am Ylem”. Lyrix to this song are superb. By the time “Planispherium” rolls around, your cranial capacity to absorb Wormed’s angle of attack has exceeded it’s limit. More amazing gutter-crunch slam grooves w/ supporting hyper-speed double kick underneath will have the grimace on you in no time flat. “Pulses in Rhombus Forms”..Man, do these super-slams ever end? The highlight of this song is actually not the chunk break, but the escalating emotional guitar whirlwind vortex at midpoint. “Dehydrating” employs creative use of “harmonizing” and layering guttural vocals, proving you can werk w/ more than one level of vocals down in the pig-grunt area.
Wormed is a band w/ undeniable potential and could very well change the face value of brutal death. I see very good things in the future for this band provided they “stick to their guns” w/ their very refreshing and in-depth plunge into the cosmic world and equally refreshing latin type feel to their percussive work in their weighty blast of brutal death.

Werds of caution to lots of you however: This is not for your every-day metal fan. The sheer ultra-brutal status and ultra-ill vox may be enough to shun away fans of happy-go-lucky melodick death, and power metal and black metal fans you can look elsewhere. Without a doubt, Wormed is for fans of the “extreme” punishment factor.

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