Six Feet Under – Bringer Of Blood Review

Originally written by Dan Staige.

Ohhh yahhhh another Six Feet Under record. Don’t expect much. Don’t expect half of what True Carnage was. While True Carnage was somewhat entertaining because of Barnes’ return to his deeper & harsher vox, and because of some okay sounding death songwriting, “Bringer of Blood” has “devolved” into some of the most generic and cheezey basic death metal on the market today. Production is not that great. Barnes’ vox are put too far up in the mix, and drums have a garage type sound to them. It’s not as heavy and thick sounding as previous material. If you want hilarity then here it is: “Sick in the Head” has a laughter inducing “OH MY FUCKING GOD” screeched too many times to grant it another listen. You can actually understand almost every word out of his mouth! The horror! Some songs almost sound as if they were crafted for radio approval. The foundations are as easily grasped and figured out as any nu-metal song. “America the Brutal” has whorrendous vocals and a pop/punk kind of feel to it. I can see people on those 50’s music compilation cd commercials bopping up and down like a buoy in the river to this song w/ their bucked teeth and beehive hairdos. SFU should’ve at least put this at the END of the cd because it’s just not right where it is. “Bringer of Blood” is the most entertaining and the “heaviest” song on the album, and once again it sounds ridiculously basic w/ highly unflattering guitarwork and overblown vox. The more I listen to this, the more it sounds like “nu-deth-metal”. A watery embarrassment to the death metal genre is an understatement. And as usual, the packaging took more thought and effort than the songs did. As True Carnage had an encyclopedia of preserved dead fetuses inside the digipak, Bringer of Blood has art overkill that rises above the caliber of the musical material as well. With a new wave of technical death metal that challenges the mind and extracts further inquiry from its listeners building size, speed and power on the horizon, it’s about that time for goofball acts like SFU to give it up. They are a comical novelty act at best, that if taken seriously, (as they seemingly want to be), take the listener back to stone-age times of metal. The basics are there, and they continue to dominate the bulk of SFU’s ideas. Lets move in a different direction, shall we? Lets get more out of our metal than getting stoned, drinking beer and watching dumb b-horror movies on tv. Maybe it’s because I just got done listening to Decrepit Birth and Disgorge back to back, but this metal is as simple as you can simplify it. And believe me when I say there are traces of pop-song structures in here. The way they are put together is identical to a Disturbed song. Heavy grooves are SFU’s only strongpoint it seems and even those have been 75% re”hashed”. I saw them at a show one time and the sound they achieved was incredibly fat’n’heavy. A few beer-drinking grooves got my head nodding but as a millennium metal enthusiast I look for quite a bit more than that now. Chris you need to wake up from your pot-induced coma and realize you are insulting real listeners w/ this ….”stuff”. I guess I’d rather go forward than backward so I’ll put SFU away for now until a nuclear blast eradicates reality as we know it and it is necessary to start all over again.

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