Burzum – Dauði Baldrs Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

Here we have Burzum, the one man project of the infamous Varg Vikernes.

Progressing from the grimness of black metal into the neo-classical realm, Burzum explores the keyboard-laden sounds in the 1999 release, Daudi Baldrs. To say the least, this is second-rate keyboard boringness at its best. I do not understand how this music can garner any praise at all. To me, it comes off as a soundtrack to a cheesy medieval b movie.

Now, I know Varg is in prison and all and has limited access to equipment that is even worth playing, but nonetheless the music still has nothing to offer. The recording comes off as if it were created on a sub-par Casio keyboard. With bland string arrangements, off key horns (they sound really flat), and minimalist drum use, each song flows along a course of boringness using pretty much the same rhythm throughout its entire course. In addition, since each song is decently long, this gets extremely tedious. Combining elements of folk, neo-classical, and battle music, you would think there would be something enjoyable to be offered here, however there is not.

I have heard people say that you have to listen to this in the middle of the forest to understand and obtain a grasp on the music. You should not have to do that to enjoy an album. Who knows, maybe this music just is not my cup of tea, but I can say that I have enjoyed some of Mortiis’ earlier work, but this however I just cannot get into. Varg’s attempt to come off as artsy and avantgarde just flops in my mind.

Of course, Burzum is a name that’s always tossed around in the extreme metal world because of its cult status and sparks curiosity, but I say just download some MP3’s and you’ll see why people talk about the band, but few actually listen to the music. The early grim black metal stuff is not enjoyable and neither is this spin-off. I would say my best advise is to save your $15 and never buy any Burzum albums. In my eyes, they have nothing to offer.

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