Gothic Knights – Up From The Ashes Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett

Is it 1987? Oh, wait no, no, no, not at all. After examining my calendar, making a couple phone calls, and referencing various news sites I have discovered in fact that it is the year 2004. Now, I am not one that necessarily pushes full force for musical advancement. If you want to do something that has been done before, then do it well. Do not make the same power metal album that has been released for the last 15 years!

Gothic Knights is your run of the mill, ho-hum, it has been done ten million times before power metal act. Ballads, lyrics that are beyond cheesy, fruity-ness abound, falsetto’s that will crack your windows, you had better believe it is all here. Explain to me this, how does the singer of your band list Luke Skywalker as an influence? Did I miss Star Wars Episode 6.5: Luke and the Amazing Technicolor Lightsabre? I am not really sure what to say I guess. This release is so run-of-the-mill and sub-par it is ridiculous. I don’t understand how bands like this can maintain a fan base, Gothic Knights sound no different than about a thousand other bland power metal acts I’ve heard. In this genre (Power Metal) you pretty much have to be at the top of your game and add a little flair to maintain my interest, because the material on Up From the Ashes is so rehashed it’s laughable and is part of the reason it’s so easy to disregard this form of metal. Every song on here sounds the same, nothing stands out as exciting at all. This is a release I recommend you stay as far away from as possible. If for some reason you lose all sense of reasoning and decide to listen to this, do not be fooled by it like I was and think you have been transported back to 1987. People will look at you funny when you are walking around with tight-torn jeans, Reebok high tops, and a denim jacket with Diamond Head and Judas Priest patches on it.

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