Fleshcrawl – Made Of Flesh Review

Originally written by Tim Pigeon

Every so often it’s nice to hear a death metal band play death metal. No frills necessary, just by-the-book death metal. Germany’s Fleshcrawl are such a band. Apparently they’ve been around for over a decade and Made of Flesh is their seventh full-length, so they definitely aren’t a lazy band. While I’ve never heard their older material, they strike me as a band that probably hasn’t changed much. Reviews I’ve read of their older works also lead me to believe that assumption.

The production is very fitting for an album like this, with a buzzing, droning distortion and drums that sound fresh. Sven’s vocals are in the standard format of slightly-discernible growling, similar to Corpsegrinder’s vocals, but not as much of a focal point in the mix as Fisher’s. The drumwork is nothing out-of-this-world, just fast drumlines played with mechanical precision. The riffing is mostly mid-paced, never getting too technical, with a solid foundation of the Stockholm sound. Grave comes to mind as a similar comparison, as does God Dethroned. Some will view this as a negative, but Fleshcrawl inject a slight sense of melody into their songs, particularly into the solos. But never fear, this isn’t happy melody, rather slower and catchier riffs that still instill an aura of evil.

Made of Flesh is remarkably consistent in terms of song quality. It’s as if the boys simply created a death metal generator that continuously churns out decent songs. If forced to find tracks that are better than others, one can’t go wrong with “Carnal Devourment” – probably the heaviest track on the album. “Into the Depths of No Return” reminds me of Hypocrisy, particularly with the steady pacing of the song and simple, groovy riffs. The overall result is an album which gets the job done in acceptable fashion. If you seek death metal that pushes the boundaries and innovates at every opportunity, then keep on searching, this isn’t your album. But if it’s a refreshingly pure death metal experience you desire, one rooted in the old-school approach but dressed up with modern production, then Made of Flesh is a fine choice.

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