Internal Suffering – Choronzonic Force Domination Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance

Few areas can claim to match the musical intensity of that found in South America. Seemingly stuck in some sort of time warp, bands like Mental Horror, Nephasth, Krisiun, and the band whose latest album is currently up for review, Internal Suffering, consistently and effectively create death metal for the sake of glorious death metal. On Choronzonic Force Domination we see the band capturing the intensity fans of the aforementioned acts so ravenously crave, and presenting it with a streamlined production that will undoubtedly garner the attention of the death metal underground at large.

So what can you expect? It’s brutal death metal via a band who clearly understand the form. They don’t mindlessly retread old material, but they’re still wise enough to realize they can’t reinvent the wheel. The riff work is dense and extremely active, however, Internal Suffering are more than capable of negotiating the fragile balance between interesting, mobile riff writing and thinly disguised scale runs. Fabio “Dr. Grinder” Ramirez lives up to his moniker by laying down a thick back bone of relentless and precise blast work. Occasional gumbo thick slam sections are thrown down, functioning as a fine foil to the band’s otherwise unerring assault.

Now, clearly Internal Suffering are talented enough to put out an album that would be praiseworthy solely on its own merit. Check out Chaotic Matrix for proof of that. That said, they had better send Erik Rutan an especially nice Christmas present because he stepped up to the mixing board on this album and totally did the damn thing. This is how you produce a brutal death metal album. The guitars absolutely slice through the mix. I can only assume given the industry standard that the drums have been triggered, but they don’t sound synthetic in the least bit. The bass twunks from time to time, but there are no overt funkisms to distract from the death. To some, a glossing over such as this may suggest that Internal Suffering has sacrificed a dose of ferocity in the process of modernizing their sound. Admittedly, while it’s clear Choronzonic Force Domination does lack the nostalgic fuzz of their compatriots’ latest releases, it is also apparent that they have developed their songwriting to the point where their current production is entirely appropriate.

Internal Suffering have created an album that captures the chaos and brutality of South American Death Metal and matched it with a mix that is utterly devastating. While some die hard fans of previous material may turn up their nose at the modern production, the end result is a release that will surely be thoroughly enjoyable for death metal fans on the whole. Highly recommended to fans of the genre.

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