Blood Freak – Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave A Flesh Eating Corpse! Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis.

I will never understand how Maniac Neil of Blood Freak makes the time for food or sleep. Drinking I understand, as any simpleton can enslave another and force them to feed them a straw, but if somebody hands you food, you got to get into that whole complex process of chewing. If this guy gets any sleep, it’s probably with guitar in hand and mic strapped to mouth, because he constantly seems to be releasing something new, whether it’s from Blood Freak, Frightmare, or Lord Gore.

Unlike Frightmare, Blood Freak is more firmly rooted in death/grind, meaning the pervasive thrash aesthetic, mostly coming from the riffs, heard on the former’s Bringing Back the Bloodshed, is notably absent here. Instead of bouncing back and forth between death and thrash, Live Fast, Die Young switches from death to grind in seamless fashion. There are moments of unadulterated death metal, but they generally last about as long as the next celebrity couple, which is to say about a quarter of the length of the average grind song. “The Flesh and Blood Show,” with its slow, plodding, and almost epic feel, is the exception, as it’s almost purely death metal in execution.

Grind enthusiasts should find this second album from Blood Freak most enjoyable. Tracks are short, visceral, and brimming with undiluted gore. Perfectly appropriate sound bites from gore flicks keep things interesting by acting as song separators and the approach works to make tracks distinguishable. Even those who wouldn’t think twice (or once) about listening to anything grind should give this release a chance due to its sheer ferocity and consistent ability to whip out impressive riff after impressive riff.

While I like the brevity of most of the songs, Blood Freak sounds best on the longer tracks. The length allows the band to explore some of its more melodic elements and focus more centrally on cultivating a death metal sound. “The Nameless Stench of Forgotten Celluloid” plays with atmospherics, sounding like the product of not one but four or five men, which is an obvious credit to Maniac Neil’s ingenuity. It’s also a lot more grounded in a death metal aesthetic. While the rest of the album sticks to a more frenetic grind sound, it does return now and then to extremely well devised death metal passages, and that delicate balance makes for a great listen.

As stated above, if you’re a grind fan, Blood Freak’s Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Flesh Eating Corpse! should be your revised 2006 bible. Believe me, if this is coming out of my mouth, you know it’s got to be at least close to the truth, because I generally like grind about as much as I like cleaning the toilet or waiting in line at 7-11 while some fat bitch sorts through her pennies to pay for Twinkies. There’s enough variation in here to satisfy even the most casual listeners of grind. Chock this up as another Maniac Neil victory.

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