Winters – Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies Review

What’s lighter than a freshly fallen feather that’s quietly resting on the tip of a kitten’s nose? The vocals on this record, that’s what’s lighter than a freshly fallen feather that’s quietly resting on the tip of a kitten’s nose (who happens to be napping in a vibrant garden of daisies on a farm in Happytown during a lazy Sunday afternoon). While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with daydreaming about kittens snoozing and knoodling and making an afternoon fluffier, it’s not really a vision I’d like a hard rock/heavy metal album to conjure in my brain.

I’m being melodramatic again. To be truthful, Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies has some really great music to grab hold of, and it’s a style that’s definitely fitting of Lee Dorrian’s Rise Above Records – big kickin’ guitars that hail the likes of Blue Cheer, Kiss, and even a semblance of early Nirvana at times, all swaddled in a healthy dose of Burning Saviours/Witchcraft-ish bell-bottomed proto-doom for added pleasure. And by gum, the drummer really beats the hell outta the skins, which would make this a GREAT record if it were simply instrumental…

But those vocals — those dainty, ill-fitting vocals — they really make Winters a difficult pill to swallow – like Pentagram fronted by a paper-thin Elliot Smith. Like a hefty laser cannon that shoots tickle-bubbles. I just can’t get my arms around ‘em, so I guess I won’t be revisiting.

If you’re a fan of the style and more forgiving than cranky bastard such as yours truly, I’d say it’s at least worth the time it takes to scoot over to the band’s site and give their samples a listen. Just get ready to shnuggle-buggle with a kitten wrapped up in a ball of yarn.

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