Nachtmystium – Worldfall Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts.

While fans await the band’s upcoming full-length Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1 on Century Media, Blake Judd and Co. have kindly given us this tasty little morsel in the Worldfall EP. Comprised of two new tracks, a re-recorded version of “Solitary Voyage” (from the Demise album), and two covers (Death In June’s “Roseclouds of Holcaust” and Goatsnake’s “IV”), this is a prime example of what a quality EP should deliver. For those new to this Chicago band, Worldfall is a great little introduction to their forward-thinking black metal that has evolved over the years through various albums, splits and EPs such as this. Even if you don’t normally go for the genre, Nachtmystium are deserving of your attention, as they make some of the most emotional, powerful and innovative metal around.

Is Wordfall worth shelling out for with only two new songs? You bet. Both “Worldfall” and “Depravity” are brilliantly-composed numbers that are heavy on atmosphere and melancholy. The title track is a doom-y, melodic number complete with haunting choir vocals and sinister whispers lending great ambience. The song then suddenly breaks into a faster tempo as the guitars launch into a spacey, psychedelic lead. “Depravity” brings the speed and spit with intense blasting and razor-sharp black metal riffs tailor-made for the pit. The songwriting on these two tracks is sublime and should have fans salivating for the upcoming full-length.

The re-recorded “Solitary Voyage” nestles very nicely alongside the two new tracks. A more straightforward black metal affair, I love the contrast between the reverb-heavy, snarling vocals and the melodic riffing replete with watery, ethereal effects during key sections. It’s first-rate stuff. The two covers are very cool, but I can’t say how they compare with the originals as I haven’t heard them. Despite being quite different stylistically from the Nachtmystium originals (especially the Sabbath-inspired desert crawl of the Goatsnake), both are good fun and a welcome addition to this release.

For fans of Nachtmystium, the question of whether or not to buy this EP should really be a no-brainer. The two new songs pretty much make it essential, while the other three have been composed and recorded with equal care. Open-minded black metal followers will find a lot to enjoy about Nachtmystium with this release, and it should prompt investigation into the band’s impressive back catalog (especially 2006’s Instinct: Decay). Before the eagerly anticipated Assassins… lands next month, Worldfall shall tide us over very nicely indeed.

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