Crowpath – One With Filth Review

Originally written by Michael Roberts.

Just when I thought it was safe to lock in my top albums for 2008, along come Crowpath to throw me into a spin with this truly nasty piece of work. Like their stellar previous efforts, One With Filth is an expertly written death/grind album that is surprisingly listenable despite being unrelentingly intense. By ‘listenable’ I don’t mean ‘catchy’ though as Crowpath’s chaotic approach doesn’t allow for things like melody or straightforward grooves to even get a sniff. But there’s always something these guys throw in, as often as needed, to latch onto your ears and make you want to move. Like a David Lynch film, try scrutinizing this too closely or try to make sense of it, and you’ll likely become lost. Step back and let the whole thing roll over you though, and its beauty and power becomes apparent. Hence One With Filth plays out like a harrowing 30-minute journey into the mind of a very disturbed individual that is nightmarishly brutal – and so very enjoyable.

There really is no let-up on this album. Even the ambient number “I Gryningen” halfway through is filled with tension and dread, as if that scary bloke gracing the cover is merely taking a few minutes to select a new instrument to torture you with. Otherwise prepare to have your head taken clean off by songs like “One With Filth” and “Cleansed In Chlorine,” which are relentless in their barrage of octopus-like drumming, rapid-fire tempo changes and riffs that draw from the best parts of technical and brutal death metal. On the other hand the likes of “Septic Monarch” effectively show off Crowpath’s ability to shift down a gear and throw in a bit of sludge without losing a shred of intensity or bile. While every track is hard-hitting and memorable on its own, One With Filth really has been constructed as a concise half-hour piece that flows superbly from beginning to end.

One With Filth puts Crowpath in the company of bands like Pig Destroyer, Today Is The Day and The Axis of Perdition; bands who not only bludgeon sonically, but construct their music around vivid and downright frightening narratives. The cinematic terror of One With Filth has been channeled through some of the tightest, most ferocious extreme metal I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how this is followed up, not only by Crowpath themselves but also their contemporaries. A disturbingly good album.

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