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In the course of a decade, Canadian unit Fuck The Facts has gone from being the one-man grind project of founder/guitarist Topon Das to a full-fledged band that consistently pushes the boundaries of grindcore. The band has christened their eclectic, bent and blended grind as “bastardized grindcore,” and that description is as good as any to adequately summarize FtF’s twisting riffs, avant-garde sensibility and just generally challenging approach to an already challenging style of music. Recently, the band released Unnamed EPthemselves to tide us over between full-lengths for Relapse, and Metal Review had the chance to catch up with bassist Marc Bourgon for a few quick words just before he headed off on the band’s European tour.

Metal Review: First off, a quick thank-you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Marc Bourgon: Hey, dude, no problem. Thank you for interviewing us.

MR: The recent Unnamed EP is self-released, although the band is still under contract to Relapse Records. What prompted the return to a self-released EP in favor of a record label?

MB: As a band and as individuals, we never seem to do anything without getting our hands dirty and doing most of it ourselves. It’s just the way we are. The EP came as an idea to do a dry run on recording ourselves and not have it sounding like shit. We had some leftover songs that seemed to work better together and wouldn’t have gelled as well on the full length, so we decided to self-release this EP.

Most of the recording and all of the packaging, design, assembly, promo and shipping were all done by the band. It is literally all we do all day. I’m extremely happy with the whole thing. I remember seeing some old Neurosisinterview where Steve von Till talked about truly making your music a craft and being involved in every aspect. I think that really stuck with me personally. If we would have gotten a label to release [the EP], the main idea of the release might have been lost. But who knows? It’s out now, so I guess we’ll see.

MR: I’ve read reports that the next Fuck The Facts full-length is already recorded. Is that true, and if so, when can fans expect to get it in their grubby little hands? Can you tell us a bit about it?

MB: All recorded. Yup. We spent all of January in a basement hacking away for 12 hours a day at it, and we are happy to say that the majority of it has been recorded. I think we went through a monumental amount of coffee. I mean fucking monumental. I drank at least 7 cups a day. Big ones. By the end of it we had all gone a little crazy and were ready to take a step back and start doing some fine tuning here and there to really make the album one hearty chunk. There are a few things that we still have to tweak but that shit takes time, like all shit does.

As far as when it is going to be released, we have no idea. Ideally, we are aiming for 2010 sometime, but we will have to see once the mixing and mastering is done. That will take awhile, too. (Sorry, Craig.) We are super excited to get this finished, as well. These songs have been worked on for over a year now, and for them to see the light of day would be sweet. All the tracks are really strong, in my opinion, and I think that we are all anxious to get them out and have people hear them, both live and on record.

MR: Fuck The Facts seems to have no shortage of ideas–you release records at a rate greater than the average band these days, and even within those records, each song is crammed full of riffs and changes. How do you stay inspired enough to keep composing quality material at that pace? Can you give us a brief description of the creative process, i.e. how the songs are written?

MB: I don’t know about that. The last thing we released was 2008’s split withLeng T’che. Maybe it is a lot; I don’t really know. We like to record and to write and to tour, so I guess it’s just what happens naturally.

The creative process is different every time. We all write a lot as individuals as well as in a group. There really is no formula. We try everything and never hold back on ideas–just let em rip. It seems that lately we have an abundance of half-finished songs that we are itching to complete. I am sure that once the shitty weather hits, we will hole up again in our respective basements and start chiseling some new jams out.

MR: I’ve also read reports about a forthcoming DVD release, Disgorge Mexico: The Movie, with the video from the only time the band has performed that album live in its entirety. Can you tell us a bit more about that, and when can we expect to see it?

MB: We are self-releasing the DVD, as well, in May and will have it for a tour that we are doing that will lead up to Maryland Death Fest. The DVD is pretty sweet. I dig it a lot–it’s something I personally dig watching. The Live Disgorge portion was filmed by Phil Pattison and Nictophobic Films in August of 2008 at Vil’s bar. We practiced like hell to play that show, and it was some nerve-wracking shit, to say the least. It was the first and only time that we played most of those songs, and it was a definite challenge for the band. It turned out great, though—maybe a little too great. I’m surprised. We’ve never train-wrecked as a band (knock on wood), but I always thought of that night as the perfect time to start. That way my grandkids could look back and laugh at me (even more).

The other half is Disgorge Mexico: The Movie that was made by Dave Hall and the Handshake Inc. crew. Holy shit–don’t watch it if you have epilepsy. This is not a joke. My girlfriend had a hard time watching it, but I totally dig it. The first time through was tough, but after awhile I got used to the mode and the aesthetic, and I really began to get into it. It will make you uncomfortable, for sure, but I think that it really creates something with the music that we never would have come up with and I really like the end result that Dave achieved with it. It’s worth watching for sure.

MR: Well, now I can’t wait to see it, seizures or not. In March, Fuck The Facts heads to Europe for a month. This tour will be the band’s second tour of Europe in two years, correct? Obviously you had a good time the first time or you wouldn’t be going back, but how does touring Europe compare to touring in North America? Any places you’re especially looking forward to playing, either again or for the first time?

MB: Touring Europe last time was great. It had its ups and downs but overall, it was sweet. We had never been there before so it was cool to finally see what people had been talking about. We were in a big van crammed with 13 other dudes which made it very tight for sure. The shows were awesome though.

This time around we are playing more DIY venues—smaller squats and such. The term “squat” in Europe is totally different from the word “squat” in the US. The ones in Europe are insanely huge and organized. We stayed at a few last time, and they were great. Specifically Freiburg —that place was great.

The main difference [this time around] is that we are going to Scandinavia—that should be fun. We’ve never been there. Maybe I’ll bring back some pancakes just so all my Canadian friends can laugh at them. Maybe not though, who knows? I wonder if there is a Hoito in Finland. The ORIGINAL Hoito.

There are obvious differences between the two continents. The European way of life is awesome, I must admit. I could see myself living there at some point. Probably in the Netherlands, [but] only if I can find a Tim Horton’s.

MR: We’ve got a Finn on staff—I’ll ask him about the Hoito, and maybe he can help you find the Tim Horton’s. After the European tour, the band is scheduled for Maryland Death Fest. Any plans for a US tour in 2010?

MB: For sure man, we are going to be heading to Texas and back through to Maryland in May. The last tour we did was almost a year ago, and it should be fun to get back to all that fast food garbage. People from the US rule, too. We will hopefully still have the EP for sale as well as the DVD. It’s been awhile.

Maryland Death Fest is going to be a blast this year. Can’t wait to see Portal and meet the Curator.

MR: I always like to ask this question because, when I do, I often get turned on to great new music by the people who make great new music. What records and/or bands are you currently digging?

MB: Hmmm. I am digging the new Blacklisted, Magrudergrindand, Barn Burner. That Wormrot band is pretty sweet, too, and Diablo Swing Orchestra is hilarious. I like that kind of shit.

MR: Any last words or parting comments?

MB: Thanks for the interview!

There you have it, kids. European readers, be sure to check out the band on stage while you can, and somebody bring Marc some pancakes…

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