Flourishing – A Momentary Sense Of The Immediate World Review

originally written by Erik Thomas

I’m not quite sure how to classify this new project from Wetnurse’s Garett Bussanick. It’s not as chaotic as labelmates Imbroglio, but still discordant and grey. It’s not as progressive as Wetnurse, but has some off-kilter structures. It has dashes of Pig Destroyer-styled grindcore, and it’s got some angular percussion a la Mastodon and Burnt By the Sun. Confused? Me too.

By all accounts, this intriguing little EP somehow comes together despite the colliding of so many styles, and unlike many of the American ‘grindcore’ or spazzcore acts, there’s a darkness, maturity and structure undulating beneath the chaos. The underrated and short-lived Biolich came to mind a few times during the EP, but with less death metal influence, as the vocals are gruff hardcore shouts. Alan Douches’ surprisingly dirty and gritty production keeps things nicely underground, further clouding the end result.

Speaking of death metal, astute listeners might pick outsome twisting, backwards Ulcerate and Immolation styled riffs here and there (“Harvesting,” “Watching Sparrows”), complicating the sound further yet. But again, it all seemsto come together, forming something that’s borders on frustrating yet incrediblypromising and brilliant. “Fixture” and “Feeling So At Ease” are prime examples of everything beingall-over-the-place, but somehow enjoyable and coherent.

I’m hugely intrigued by this trio and this taster EP, but I wonder how they can sustain this style for a 40-45 minute album without seeing it blur into one calamitous song. Based on these 5 short songs, they seem capable. But, at one point, will the style clashes become too disjointed? I can’t wait to find out.

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