Angrepp – Warfare Review

Don’t be fooled by the initial excitement Angrepp will bring you after their intro track, followed by cool machine gun sound effects, followed by some recycled Discharge riffs. Although Warfare isn’t by any means a bad record, Angrepp has made absolutely no attempt to do anything original at all here. Listening to Warfare is a bit like watching an Olympic diver take a ten meter swan dive in ultra-slow motion. Sure there are plenty of people who will find ways to enjoy a more simplistic approach to life, but how high can one rate an album that contains only two or three riffs in each of its songs? There isn’t even a standout solo on the album to help make the monotony of the riffs more enjoyable.

Angrepp has put out a handful of albums and compilations over the past five years and is currently rising in their local scene, which brings up this important point: Some bands place their primary efforts into networking, playing shows, recording albums (no matter the quality of the songs or the recording) and touring; while other bands put their energy primarily into songwriting and music marketing. While the latter sometimes gain worldwide popularity instantaneously, I certainly have respect for the bands who help keep their music scene alive by attempting to record fresh material. After all, Angrepp is a band anyone could go ape shit for live.

Thrash/Punk fans who eat up anything new, regardless of the simplicity or unoriginality of the music, will enjoy spinning this record a few times; but then again, there’s still a possibility that said fans won’t even allow painfully boring songs such as “Rape, Kill, Rock n’ Roll” to grace the background of their drunken parties. Still, an average thrash record is better than no new thrash record; but unfortunately for Angrepp, there’s a shitload of better music out there.

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