Aeviterne – Sireless Review

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Consisting of two former members of Flourishing and former Castevet drummer Ian Jacyszyn, the debut EP of Aeviterne ought to excite fans of slightly noisy, oddball death metal. Flourishing was known for a mix of post-hardcore dynamics and the type of experimental, technical death metal that you’d never refer to as “tech-death,” and Aeviterne continues this tradition, but here the caustic atmosphere is emphasized even more, eschewing some of the former band’s more abrasive tendencies. The mixing (handled by Jacyszyn) and mastering (handled by Colin Marston) goes a long way in aiding this, but there’s no doubt that the songwriting and band chemistry are still the most important elements. Everything feels alive and unconstrained by rigidity, from Eric Rizk’s great (and very audible) bass rumble and Jacyszyn’s busy but nuanced drumming to Garrett Bussanick’s churning, dissonant riffs and somewhat hoarse vocal delivery. The instrumental interplay in the second song, “Inborn,” is particularly deft, knowing when to lay down the heft and when to open everything up for tension.P2

At only two songs and 11 minutes, Sireless is undeniably meant as a taster, and it certainly feels a mite understated compared to Flourishing’s wilder moments. But there’s no doubt that it’s a damn fine taster that should get more than a few folks excited for this band’s future. If their early live appearances are any indication, some truly monster material is on the way.


Release date: May 4, 2018. Label: P2 Recordings.

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