Deathstorm – Reaping What Is Left Review

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Reaping What Is Left, the third full length from Austrian thrashers Deathstorm, sounds almost exactly like Slayer. And not the clearly-influenced-by-but-bringing-a-little-something-new type of sounding almost exactly like Slayer, but it sounds almost exactly like Slayer. The production, riffs, drum sounds, etc all directly ape 80s Slayer; it’s oft-blazing thrash with a near-extreme bent, natural but heavy drum sounds, and dying-cat solos. The vocals are the one place where Deathstorm doesn’t sound exactly like Slayer, but it’s not hard to imagine that this it’s just a young Tom Araya with a cold trying to do his thing in the studio. Similar voice, identical delivery. So there’s absolutely zero new here, but it’s all pretty damn solid, which ought to be more than enough for some. If you’re the type of person that loves Slayer but misses the sound of the old Slayer and is fine listening to something that sounds like old Slayer without being as good as old Slayer, then give Reaping What Is Left a quick spin. The absolute worst crime you’d be committing is spending 33 minutes listening to a decent thrash record that sounds almost exactly like Slayer.


Release date: May 25, 2018. Label: High Roller Records.

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  1. Man, you ain’t kidding. Vocalist has some Schuldiner and Petrozza in him. Kinda cool… will check out more.


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