Staff Infections – August 2018

It’s that time of the month again, friends. No, not that time of the month—it’s time for Staff Infections, wherein the Last Rites staff members share what they’ve been listening to over the last lunar cycle. If you thought the Manilla Road train was going to stop rolling through here, you don’t know Last Rites all that well. Our mourning over the untimely passing of Mark “The Shark” Shelton, Manilla Road’s some-time vocalist, guitarist and leader, continues. Consequently, Manilla Road’s entire discography dominated the staff’s playlists this month.

I only had the honor of seeing Manilla Road once, at a Maryland Deathfest several years ago, but it was so god-damned much fun, I’ll never forget it. Thanks to the ardent fandom of my Last Rites compatriots, I also had the pleasure of meeting Shark that same weekend. He just walked up to our group and started chatting. I assume he recognized some of the boys from the Ohio tornado debacle, which is detailed in Captain’s wonderful memorial piece. It doesn’t hurt that Zach Duvall, at six-foot-seven, tends to stand out in a crowd. I told Shark that if he had about forty five minutes, I could tell him how much I loved “The Riddle Master.” He politely took a rain-check, and we watched The Melvins instead. I guess I’ll never get to cash in that rain-check, but I did write a Riffology on “The Riddle Master,” so if there is an afterlife, and that afterlife has the internet, maybe Shark will read it. Anyway, representing this month’s first place finish for the entire Manilla Road discography, is my favorite Manilla Road song, “The Riddle Master.”

You left us too soon, Shark, but you left us with a whole passel of magnificent, epic heavy metal. You earned your rest. Up the Hammers.

Second place this month, as has become common, is a multi-way tie. Some highlights of said tie include recent Nordic black/doom releases from Faustcoven (In the Shadow of Doom) and Mörkö (Ulvova Tyhjyys). El Capitan has you covered on both.



Be sure to share your playlist in the comments, and be sure to listen to some Manilla Road. Have a great month!

  • Zach Duvall
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Amorphis – The Queen of Time
    Voivod – Target Earth
    Ripping Corpse – Dreaming with the Dead
    Aorlhac – L’esprit des vents
    Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis
    Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer
  • Dan Obstkrieg
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Binah – Phobiate
    Furze – The Presence
    The Field – Discography
    Morgion – Discography
    Gas – Nah und Fern
    Faustcoven – In the Shadow of Doom
  • Captain
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Skepticism – Discography
    Domovoyd – Domovoyd
    Mörkö – Ulvova tyhjyys
    Abhorrence – Megalohydrothalassophobic
    Morgion – Discography
    Blue Öyster Cult – Fire Of Unknown Origin
  • Andrew Edmunds
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Michael Schenker Group – Michael Schenker Group
    Stryper – To Hell With The Devil
    Warlock – Triumph And Agony
    Skyclad – Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth
    Testament – The New Order
  • Ryan Tysinger
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Destruction – Eternal Devastation
    Mordor – Csejthe
    Kawir – Isotheos
    Aorlhac – L’esprit des vents
    Undergang – Indhentet af Doden
    Torture Rack – Malefic Humiliation
  • Manny-O-War
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Faustcoven – In the Shadow of Doom
    Vreid – Kraft
    Portishead – Portishead
    Witch King – Voice of the Ossuary
    Circle – Terminal
    Extremity – Coffin Birth
  • Konrad Kantor
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Mörkö – Ulvova tyhjyys
    Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis
    LIK – The Second Wind
    Clandestine Blaze – New Golgotha Rising
    Eyedea & Abilities – First Born
    Das EFX – Dead Serious
  • Dave Pirtle
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Chris Caffery – The Jester’s Court
    A Dying Planet – Facing the Incurable
    Judas Priest – Firepower
    Psychostick – Do
    Pact – Enigmata
  • Jeremy Morse
    Manilla Road – Everything
    Crawl – Rituals
    Phrenelith – Desolate Endscape
    Amorphis – Tales from the Thousand Lakes
    Morbid Angel – Altars of Madness
    Visigoth – The Conqueror’s Oath

Posted by Jeremy Morse

Riffs or GTFO.

  1. Sear Bliss – Letters From the Edge
    Nile – In Their Darkened Shrines
    Arcturus – La Masquerade Infernale
    Borknagar – Quintessence
    Control Denied – Fragile Art of Existence


  2. Frontierer – Unloved
    Obscura – Dilivium
    Neurosis – Given to the Rising
    Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
    Heilung – Lifa


  3. Metallica – “Ride the Lightning”
    Scorpions – “Taken By Force”
    Uriah Heep – “Uriah Heep”
    Peter Murphy – “Deep”
    Extremity – “Coffin Birth”
    Queensrÿche – “Rage for Order”
    Helena Hauff – “Qualm”

    “The Riddle Master” has been my favorite Manilla Road song since 1984. There are some jams on “Open the Gates” that give it a bit o’ stiff competition: “Metalstrom,” “Astronomica,” “The Ninth Wave.”


  4. Black Magick SS – Spectral Ecstasy
    Troll – The Last Predators
    The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult
    Deathpile – GR
    Brighter Death Now – Obsessis
    Ghost (Jpn) – Hypnotic Underworld
    Jungle Rot – s/t


  5. Wormrot ‘Voices’
    Deiquisitor ‘Downfall of the Apostates’
    Throaat ‘Reflections in Darkness’
    Overkill ‘The Years of Decay’
    Dangerous ‘Metal Heritage’
    Gaerea ‘Unsettling Whispers’


  6. Mule Skinner – Airstrike
    Rebel Wizard – Voluptuous Worship of Rapture & Response
    Khemmis – Desolation
    Black Tusk – T.C.B.T.
    QOTSA – Various albums


  7. Theory In Practice – The Armageddon Theories
    Internal Suffering – Awakening of the Rebel
    Toby Knapp – Archives of Magick
    Benighted Leams – Ferly Centesms
    Balance Interruption – Door 218
    Yattering – Genocide
    Anteloper – Kudu


  8. According to, and in order of most played
    Parius – The Eldritch Realm
    Starkweather – Croatoan
    Atavisma – The Chthonic Rituals
    Sorcerer – In the Shadow of the Inverted
    Martriden – Cold And The Silence
    Craft — White Noise And Black Metal
    Amorphis — Under The Red Cloud


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