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FAST RITES: Because sometimes brevity is fundamental

The slip into insanity can be comforting. Let go. We are on a rock that is spinning wildly out of control throughout the cosmos, so what’s the point in trying to keep a grip on anything? Enjoy it.

At least, that’s the feelings that are evoked on Spirals, a four-track, forty minute album by a band of the same name. Dealing largely in ambient psychedelia, the band is out to hypnotize with their approach to creating a mood. The maddening repeating vocal enchantments layered over the soothing, meandering basslines of the opening title track feel like a welcome loss of reality. The ambience of the synths and manipulation of the vocal tracks in songs such as “Rise” create a tension, building an atmosphere deep enough to breathe, yet grounded with the ever-guiding hand of the bass. This instrument in particular is the beacon of light that makes listening to Spirals an experience that feels like exploring the eye of a hurricane before the other wall of chaos hits. It wanders freely amongst the sinister tones around it, pushing the songs forward. The entirety of the album encompasses this to a degree, locking into a mood and holding it long enough to really explore the crevices. The tediousness of the subtle and gradual changes across the bars of the songs is a curious exploration around a theme. Spirals really digs its way into a relaxing state for a release worthy of solitary nights set aside for reflection.

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