Serpents Of Dawn – Into The Garden Review

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It’s been a while since doom has had a big enough year that multiple high-quality albums end up falling through the cracks, but such is the case in 2018: PART 4.

Often missing from heavy metal in 2018 is the soundtrack to telling someone they’re too stupid to have a good time in your bar, so you grab them by the leg after they try to kick you in the face and you shove ‘em right out the front door and commence to kicking their ass into the dirt as the bar behind you erupts into a brawl. Everything’s just fine, though, because you’re Dalton and your hair looks terrific, even after dodging all those swinging pool cues. So yeah, go ahead and unbutton one more level on that perfectly pressed shirt and neck-crack like you just don’t care before tossing yet another peckerwood through a shoddy table. And WHOA—nice instinct to catch that other square right in the neck with a quick elbow jab just before he’s able to break a Stroh’s bottle over your dome. Light this shit-hole up, son. And when you’re done, let your Mercedes 560SEC spit gravel in the parking lot as you speed off into the night with Into the Garden blaring from your open windows. Do all of this, and do it in slow-motion at times so we can actually see that tooth being freed from a mouth at the behest of a Dalton fist.

Serpents Of Dawn is an asskicking Bay Area sludge band that grumbles, rumbles and powerlifts like an 850lb grizzly in a Scissorfight shirt upending a Hooter’s dumpster looking for discarded buffalo wings. Why they don’t get more attention is beyond me, but it probably has something to do with the fact that most people in 2018 are squares that spend too much time hollerin’ on Twitter and not enough time on a barstool snortin’ whiskey as Pat Travers peels out of an old jukebox.

Release date: August 31st, 2018
Label: Doom Stew Records

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  1. Cool music, but I think the band would benefit greatly from clean vocals. The harsh vocals clash with the rock and roll vibe of the album, imo.


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